Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Flash now has a Director

According to IESB, WB is lining up a director for another high profile DC character; Greg Berlanti is the leading contender to helm "The Flash". Berlanti wrote "Green Lantern" with Marc Guggenheim and was once attached to direct the film before WB settled on Martin Campbell. From what IESB is hearing WB is very high on Berlanti from his prep on "Green Lantern" and would love him to run with "The Flash".

Greg Berlanti's directorial credits include "The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy" and "Life As We Know it" which is set for a December 2010 release. Both of his works are comedy, and I would not say that this is a bad decision to take him for the Flash movie because after all, in the DC Universe, The Flash is the DC character which has more of a light-hearted, and more comedic appeal. Among the many incarnations of the character, the one that stands out is the version of Flash which is more of a fun-loving sort of a joker character as depicted in the Justice League animated series. With Goyer and the Nolans watching over the MAN OF STEEL and the third BATMAN movie, and the trustworthy Martin Campbell setting up a promisingly epic GREEN LANTERN movie, and now with FLASH set to be run by Berlanti, it probably is safe to say that all things are looking well in the Warner Brothers and DC movie franchise universe.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Goyer to scribe Superman's Return in "Man of Steel"

Latino Review reported that David Goyer was hired to write the newest Superman movie. This movie is not a restart nor a reboot, nor is it a continuation of Superman Returns. This new project entitled MAN OF STEEL assumes audiences already know about Lois, Clark, Jimmy and Perry; that the Daily Planet is struggling due to the internet; and that it sets up a huge Kryptonian mythology. The report adds that MAN OF STEEL takes the movies back to the John Byrne incarnation (John Byrne is one of the most notable writers in the comicbook genre and the one who is said to have helped build the reputation of the Superman series throughout the 80s till the present). And in addition, Goyer's story involves Luthor and Brainiac.

This is definitely good news because (as far as I am concerned) this gives chance to having a Superman story done right. Goyer's writing has always seemed to be flawless when it comes to translating a comicbook fiction character to the silver screen (just dont look to his directorial works because that is a completely different matter), he has successfully been one of the significant factors in the superhero movie revolution, having written the screenplay for Blade (which ushered in the big boom of the superhero genre), and had made the Batman fictional character greatness in film history.

This news finally extinguishes all rumors that Routh and Singer are coming back to continue the hanging story in "Superman Returns" That movie, in my opinion, was not only a borefest but also had a bad story which was merely a lame homage to the Superman movies of the 1980s.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snipes to return as BLADE?

While out at a recent junket for his movie BROOKLYN'S FINEST, Wesley Snipes revealed the possibilities of a fourth BLADE movie: Snipes said that there has been some talk about a Blade 4 and that he would be interested if the script was right.

The third movie should usually complete a trilogy; in the case of Blade's trilogy, BLADE: TRINITY was not exactly a glorious movie to close this series with a bang. It kinda even diminishes the reputation of the series. The TV series that followed was something that did not make such a bang. With Snipes' career not exactly blooming (BROOKLYN'S FINEST is his only theatrical release movie after BLADE: TRINITY, and that was what? 5 years ago? Snipes' career is evaporating into the limbo of the straight-to-dvds section), perhaps it would be a wise choice for Snipes to return as Blade. And they should get a good story and good director this time so that the franchise and the reputation of Blade can be salvaged.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Solomon Kane

By Reymundo Salao

SOLOMON KANE is a badly made movie but one that has lots of redeeming factors that save it from being downright garbage. This movie works like a guilty pleasure because although it was badly made, I still freaking loved it.

There were really cheesy lines, but I could not say it was bad writing because at some times, there were just simple lines delivered in a really cheesy manner. The cheese factor just shines with how the director, the editor, along with the music, make the hero look. The hero moments employed very cliché editing. It’s as if this movie was one of those B-movie “sword and sandal” movies (like “Beastmaster”, and “The Sword & the Sorcerer”) made in the 1980’s. The direction of the story was also very badly made. At the middle of the movie, you get lost at what really is the heroic motivation of the hero. His character immediately becomes black and white (figuratively) and you just surrender to the idea that this was the hero and just let your brain take a back seat. Some of the movie logic also gets lost. I could still not figure out the sense behind how the big bad guy was actually defeated.

James Purefoy is not necessarily a bad actor, but he is given such awful lines. There were moments that seemed perfect for a really catchy line, instead he says something either corny or something that just makes him look infantile. The inclusion of actors like Pete Postlethewaite and Max Von Sydow were such a waste. Postlethewaite’s was too lame and Sydow’s was too insignificantly brief. Even the main villain played by Jason Flemyng has also gone to waste. It was such a black & white dull character due to its lack of screentime, in which he appeared for only the final scene.

There are also numerous directions that did not add up to have any sort of purpose in the end. The best example is when a demon in disguise as a human plants some sort of curse mark at one of the character’s arm. In the end, this leaving of a curse mark was not explained in any manner. It was as if the damn scene was just filler after all. It was as if it wished for the audience to forget about that one scene detail.

But as I said, I loved this movie. SOLOMON KANE has really cool, daring twists in the middle, and there were moments that it set out to break the rules of Hollywood stereotypes. It has elements that make it such a bold movie. At the same time, it was not a pretentious movie; it came and told a story and it didn’t give a f#%k how audiences would react to it. There is a total shocker scene in the middle that really surprised me in a nasty but impressive manner, revealing the savage irreverence of such a dark storyline. Those were the moments that showed promise for a great movie, but unfortunately fell too short. The other redeeming factor of the movie is its visual look; from the impressive costumes, to the set design, to the props, and the supernatural creatures that haunt the world of Kane. The overall atmosphere of the movie is pretty bleak; it is either really cold or really barren. My friend and I were repeatedly reminded of the game DIABLO, which also has a resembling atmosphere with this movie. All the flaws of the movie plus the elements of it that I really love makes this movie remind me of the B-movies of the early 1990s. Watching it kinda takes me back to the Allegro moviehouse (a local moviehouse here in Iloilo from the 1980s to the early 2000s) days.

Those who are not much into medieval or fantasy action would probably not enjoy this movie. On the other hand, this movie would appeal greatly to those who play online fantasy action games because the look really reminds me of games like Diablo & Neverwinter Nights. This is one of those guilty pleasure movies that you just adore in a campy manner. This movie is meant to be the first of a trilogy. I sure do hope they make a new one, because from here on, there really is no place for this project to go but go up, improve, and make things a whole lot better.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Semana Sang Iloilo Film and Video Competition 2010 announced

In connection with the celebration of the Semana sang Iloilo on April 6 to April 11, 2010, the Province of Iloilo presents the 1st Semana Sang Iloilo Film and Video Competition. Province of Iloilo and the Provincial Council for Culture, Arts, History and Tourism Division Independent Film & Video Competition seeks to promote Ilonggo independent filmmaking by giving recognition to the year's most outstanding Ilonggo film and video artists. The contest rules are as follows:

1.Open to all residents of the City and Province Of Iloilo. Employees of the PCCHAT and their close relations are disqualified from participating in the competition.

2.Entries may be in the following format:
•FILM - 16mm, 35mm
•VIDEO – DVD, MiniDV3.All works must be strictly independent works and not produced for commercial screening. School-based work (e.g. theses) are allowed.

4.Entries must have been completed on or after March 2009.

5.Each participant is allowed a maximum of two (2) entries.

6.Entry subject is open however works which concentrates on positive ilonggo culture and destinations are highly recommended.

7.A digital video entry (DVD or MiniDV) must contain only one (1) title.

8.Entries must include the following:
a.Production Details:
2.Date - Production Started
3.Date - Production Completed
4.Company/School Producer(s)
9.Production Designer(s)
11.Other Production Crew Members
12.Competition Category - Film or Video Format? (see #2 in Contest Rule)
- For film, include sound format - optical, magnetic or silent
13.Running time (for film: include number of reels)
14.Synopsis of entry (1 to 3 paragraphs only)

b.Contact Details:
•Complete Address of Filmmaker or Group Representative (see contest Rule #10)
•Telephone and/or Fax

•Conforme 1 (signed by person submitting entry):
"This is to certify that the above mentioned entry was produced after (date of production)."
•Conforme 2 (signed by the owner of film rights):
"I hereby grant permission for the above-mentioned work to be entered in the Ilonggo
Independent Film and Video Competition. I hereby declare all the above information true
and correct. I have carefully read the rules and regulations and agree to abide by and be
bound by them."
•Authorization (signed by the owner of film rights):
"I authorize the dubbing of my entry solely or promotional and archival use and for other
purposes as stated in the contest rules."

d.Photo stills, to be submitted on separate VCD, as a JPEG file (minimum 150 resolution):
•Two (2) 5"x7" production stills (shots from the film/video itself)
•Two (2) 5"x7" production stills (behind the scenes).

9.Awards for winning entries shall be given to the filmmaker/director indicated in the entry form. For joint directorial works, the group must assign a single representative to act in its behalf. All official communications shall be addressed to this representative. The Province of Iloilo and PCCAHT shall not be liable for any controversy re the sharing of awards among the members of the group.

10.The decision of the Board of Judges is final. The board reserves the right not to give awards in any category should no entry merit it. In the case of ambivalence, the jurors shall decide the category of the entry.

11.Cash prizes are as follows:
•1st PRIZE - P15,000.00
•2nd PRIZE - P10,000.00
•3rd PRIZE - P5,000.00

12.Honorable mentions may be awarded by the jury, in consultation with The Province of Iloilo and PCCAHT officials, with cash equivalent and/or changes in the prize structure.

13.All cash prizes are subject to standard government tax on prizes and awards (20%).

14.Entries must be submitted not later than 6:00pm, March 30, 2010 at the PCCAHT Office (2nd Floor, Iloilo Old Capitol Bldg).

15.Winners shall be announced in the awards ceremony during the festival week, and in the leading dailies right after. Winners will also be informed by phone, mail, email or telegram after the competition.

16.The Province of Iloilo reserves the right to exhibit the entries, winning or not, during the festival week. Also, The Province reserves the right not to screen entries it deems unsuitable for public screening.

17.Winning entries will be archived (copied to disc) by the PCCAHT for library purposes, as well as for possible inclusion in PCCAHT programs and productions. Films/videos shown will be properly compensated based on existing copyright laws.

18.Entries may be picked up a week after the festival.

For more information, kindly call PCCAHT Office at 832 1125 locals 1702, 1704 and 1705.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Reboot Daredevil

It was just a matter of time before this would inevitably happen. DAREDEVIL is headed for a reboot. reports that Regency is mounting the remake with Peter Chernin producing. Writing the redo is screenwriter David Scarpa, who scripted The Day The Earth Stood Still for Fox, which will distribute this project. The reason this is happening is simple: Hollywood studios with Marvel superheroes need to keep reinventing these Marvel movie franchises or the rights revert back to Disney-based Marvel. Fortunately, the properties are as resilient as the indestructible superheroes themselves.

There was this idea floating around (I think I heard in on on their podcast show "League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen") that the proper way of making a Daredevil movie is to set it in 1970's New York, back when New York was filthy and noir-ish (think of the movie Taxi Driver). Oh I agree with this idea and I hope they would do it this way. I have never been to New York, but after the 90's New York seem to have changed its image to a more glam-related, "Sex in the City" image.

When the Daredevil movie directed by Mark Steven Johnson and starred Ben Affleck came out in 2003, many fans of the character and the comicbook were disgusted at how that turned out to be. Many cited its corny direction, miscast, and use of such an awful pop rock soundtrack. I, personally did not think it was THAT bad, but I did really hate the freakingly awful pop rock soundtrack (that Evanescance song makes me wanna throw up a little in my own mouth).

Yeah, I did not think it was that bad, ESPECIALLY if you've watched the Daredevil director's Cut on DVD, which is a far more superior version than the theatrical cut. It's more violent and it actually diminishes the love story aspect of the movie.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Paano Na Kaya

What Have We Done to Deserve This?
by Jessica Zafra

This is all Vivien’s fault. Let’s watch the Kim Chiu-Gerald Anderson movie, he says. Candy-colored poster with eye candy. Fine, we go to Glorietta for the 5.50 pm screening and it’s Full. All seats taken, people sitting on the aisles, I haven’t seen people sitting on the aisles at a movie screening since Titanic.

So Kim and Gerald play best friends since high school, Kim is a complete doormat for love, and Gerald has a few scenes in which he ruminates on life while standing in the shower. Yes, because the shower is the perfect place to ponder the big questions of life, particularly if you have those abs. Like the typical Star Cinema product no one has any real problems; what they really need is to have a strong cup of coffee and get over themselves. There are the stock characters: the friends offering analysis and advice on the relationship (except for Jon Avila who plays a flower vase), the overbearing parent, the ex. People keep saying, “This must be my karma for leaving you” or whatever, and Vivien and I had to say, “If our karma is to watch this movie, what exactly have we done?”

But when the movie ended there was applause anyway, because all the audience really wants is to see Kim being pretty and Gerald being handsome. Nothing they don’t already see on TV. For free. I expect it will be a huge hit.

The problem, I think, is that many studio-based writers have not seen enough of life first-hand; their experience is limited to “Does he love me?” and “My dad is always on my case”. Everything they know is of human behavior, they get from watching telenovelas. Telenovelas are not life, any more than television is cinema. For instance, a young woman who catches her boyfriend grappling with his ex is not going to make a long, tearful speech about how stupid she is; she will be too consumed by rage to say much more than !@#$%. You can’t write people unless you know people.


Teaser Trailer for "A.D." (an animated Zombie movie)

This video is a teaser trailer for an animated zombie flick called A.D., which was written by Haylar Garcia and directed by Ben Hibon. The team is using the 1 1/2-minute preview to generate studio interest, as a full feature film has not been produced.

Land of the Dead and 300 producer Bernie Goldmann is supporting the team and has high hopes that the project will get picked up, saying:
"Whenever you want to do anything that challenges the way people think about movies things move slowly. Movie executives want to make 100 versions of the same movie. Which from their perspective makes sense. You don’t get fired for making the Reese Witherspoon romantic comedy. I completely believe that A.D. will be a hit movie. The zombie genre could use some reinvention. This movie will be like no other."

...And you thought CG Animated movies are only made for family-friendly audiences? Well, dont expect the usual Pixar style family-friendly stuff, coz this one looks to be bloody gore good.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mario O'Hara plans a Trial for Andres Bonifacio

Respected Veteran Film Director Mario O'Hara set to make an Indie Movie about the murder of Andres Bonifacio

At the Cinemalaya 2010 press conference, Veteran director Mario O'Hara revealed that his next project would be a period piece which will feature the characters of Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo, entitled "Ang Paglilitis Ni Bonifacio" (The Trial of Bonifacio). This will be his entry to the Cinemalaya 2010 Open Category (the 6th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival is set on July 9-18, 2010). The writer-director, whose last feature film "Babae sa Breakwater" (Lady in the Breakwater) which was the Philippines' entry to the Cannes International Film Festival in 2005, believes that it is important that the masses would know the truth behind the killing of Andres Bonifacio wherein (the first president of the Philippine Republic) Emilio Aguinaldo was involved.

O'Hara asks, Why were two national heroes involved in a crime? Why did one hero kill another hero, when both of which are supposed to be our role models? Who is the protagonist? Who is the villain? These are questions that, O'Hara adds, are the same questions one of his (nephew/niece) asks in (his/her) studies in High School. O'Hara says, not only students, but many of us have no idea about these issues tackled by this story, and how this violent crime; which is the killing of Andres Bonifacio and his brother Procopio, occured. O'Hara further adds that the world should know/understand the Filipino through a story that is Filipino.

Despite the fact that this is going to be an independent movie, which will therefore have a very limited budget, O'Hara does have an ideal "mainstream" cast that he hopes he can get for his movie. He would like Diether Ocampo for the role of Emilio Aguinaldo, Angel Locsin for Gregoria de Jesus, and Alfred Vargas for Andres Bonifacio, as for his brother Procopio, he says that he is still not sure of his choice because this will be a role that should leave a mark on its audience.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Razzies Nominations announced

Razzies Nominations for this year
If the Oscar Awards honors the best in film arts, the Razzies, on the other hand, honors the worst.

"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and "Land of the Lost" are tied for the most Razzie Award nominations, scoring seven chances each to take gold paint-sprayed statuettes hailing the worst films of 2009.

Also noteworthy: two of this year's Oscar players could also end up as Razzie stars when trophies are doled out one night before the Academy Awards gala. Oscar ceremony co-host Steve Martin is nominated for worst actor in "Pink Panther 2." No other actor has ever been up for a Razzie the same year he or she emceed the Academy Awards, although Martin's co-host on March 7, Alec Baldwin, was nominated for a Razzie in 2003 (worst supporting actor, "Cat in the Hat").

Sandra Bullock is considered an Oscar best actress front-runner for "The Blind Side," but she's also nominated for 2009's worst actress for "All About Steve." If Bullock claims both trophies, she'll be the first star ever to pull off the dual win in the same year. Others have done so in nonacting categories. In 1992, Alan Menken won two Oscars for composing the music in "Aladdin" and a Razzie for a tune in "Newsies." In 1997, Brian Helgeland reaped an Oscar for writing "L.A. Confidential" screenplay and a Razzie for penning "The Postman."

Two stars have been nominated for an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year for the same role, but they lost: James Coco ("Only When I Laugh") and Amy Irving ("Yentl"). Halle Berry famously bagged a Razzie soon after her Oscar, but three years separated her wins for "Catwoman" (2004) and "Monster's Ball" (2001).

John Wilson, Razzie president and founder, tells Gold Derby that "Transformers 2" creator Michael Bay is overdue for Razzie glory after a past worst-picture loss for "Armageddon" (1998) and two defeats for worst director: "Armageddon" and "Pearl Harbor" (2001). "Bay is totally talent-free and untouched by the muse," Wilson says with a sigh.

Wilson says that 2009 was such a banner year for bad movies that the Razzies considered expanding their worst-picture list to 10 nominees like the Oscars' best-picture list, "but then I realized that our membership is only one-tenth of the academy, and it would have no meaning. It would be just like the Golden Globes where a movie can win with only 17 votes."

If the Razzies had expanded its top category, "Twilight: New Moon" would've been nominated for worst picture since it came in sixth place in the voting, so alas, it got snubbed.

" 'Twilight: New Moon' just wasn't bad enough," Wilson adds, noting that its star Taylor Lautner also barely missed out receiving a nomination for worst supporting actor. Nonetheless, he was cited along with "Twilight" costars in the category for worst screen couple as "Kristin Stewart and either Robert Pattinson or Taylor Whatz-His-Fang." Pattinson is nominated for worst supporting actor, and "New Moon" is listed in the race for worst screenplay.

Wilson is surprised at a few omissions from the performance lists. "Gerard Butler had a banner bad year with 'Gamer,' 'The Ugly Truth' and 'Law Abiding Citizen,' and Nicolas Cage was terrible in 'Knowing,'" he says. "In any other year they would've been nominated."

It's the Razzies' 30th anniversary year, so it's time to bestow prizes for worst filmmaking of the decade. They'll be doled out with 2009's trophies at Hollywood's Barnsdall Gallery Theatre at 7:30 p.m. March 6.
source: Gold Derby