Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snipes to return as BLADE?

While out at a recent junket for his movie BROOKLYN'S FINEST, Wesley Snipes revealed the possibilities of a fourth BLADE movie: Snipes said that there has been some talk about a Blade 4 and that he would be interested if the script was right.

The third movie should usually complete a trilogy; in the case of Blade's trilogy, BLADE: TRINITY was not exactly a glorious movie to close this series with a bang. It kinda even diminishes the reputation of the series. The TV series that followed was something that did not make such a bang. With Snipes' career not exactly blooming (BROOKLYN'S FINEST is his only theatrical release movie after BLADE: TRINITY, and that was what? 5 years ago? Snipes' career is evaporating into the limbo of the straight-to-dvds section), perhaps it would be a wise choice for Snipes to return as Blade. And they should get a good story and good director this time so that the franchise and the reputation of Blade can be salvaged.

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