Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Amazing Spider-man

by Reymundo Salao

The Amazing Spider-man is designed to be a reboot of the Spider-man franchise, to erase off and disregard the previous one. This should have been probably be expected to be a better take on the Spider-man franchise. Unfortunately, it's barely good, just a tiny bit above satisfactory. No; it's not a bad movie... It was just not good enough.

The movie has a vast playing field for nitpickers picking on little negative details of the movie; such as the lack of real motivation on the villain's part, or something as insignificant as Peter's distracting hair looking like a birdnest helmet. But aside from nitpicks, the film has several serious flaws.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The CABIN in the WOODS

The Horror Movie to End all Horror Movies
by Reymundo Salao

Last Wednesday, we watched THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. The very next day; Thursday, we immediately went back to Robinson's cinema and watched it again, dragging friends along who were eager with curiosity. They went out as pleased as we were. Yes, this movie is THAT good; it's something that is almost THE perfect fun horror movie experience. So far this year, there was only one other movie that gave me a knee-jerk reaction of "hey let's watch this movie again" and that movie was THE AVENGERS...whic is actually interesting, because that movie was directed by Joss Whedon. And Joss Whedon is also the writer and the main producer of THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, produced under Whedon's production outfit: Mutant Enemy. This certainly is Joss Whedon's year. Its director is Drew Goddard who directed Cloverfield. With Goddard's groundbreaking treatment of suspense plus Joss Whedon's creativity, you can expect something that will indeed be a movie that will get you talking about it.
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Thursday, June 07, 2012


by Reymundo Salao

First let me tell you right off from this point that this review will contain few minor spoilers at the end part of this article, so it would make sense to tell you now my verdict for PROMETHEUS, which really was a great movie; two thumbs up, I recommend it for those who love smart intellectual sci-fi movies AND lovers of sci-fi horror at the same time. There have only been a very few horror/suspense movies out there that have that capacity to really make their audiences scream in thrill. This movie had made me scream and shout at the movie's intense horror moments; it's something that not many movies can do anymore. I recommend this movie as a great watch with a crowd of friends that can scream with you inside the theaters in the horror moments, but can also shut up during the intellectual dialogues.