Sunday, December 31, 2006

Super Noypi

Synopsis: Six normal childhood friends bound together by friendship find themselves faced with a shocking revelation – their parents are the legendary Super Noypi (WOW, This SOUNDS like SPY KIDS), the most powerful superheroes in the land! But now they are in danger, taken hostage by the wicked super-villain Diego (Monsour del Rosario… who dresses up like Magneto and supposedly floats in the air in a way where he looks like he’s being hung in a wire).
One by one, the six friends discover their super powers: moving objects using the mind, becoming invisible at will, having superhuman strength and speed, transforming into any shape imaginable, casting spells and controlling fire and ice (Obviously, this sequence will definitely look copy-pasted from “Fantastic Four”, and “Sky High”)

With the help of a strong and spirited stranger from the future named Lia (Jennylyn Mercado), who claims that the world as we know it will cease to exist if they don’t stop Diego now (And Why is that?), Lorenzo Valdez (Mark Herras… who dresses up in leathery trench coat just because he has powers even though it’s freakin hot here in the Philippines), Annys Valdez (Katrina Halili…who dresses up in brightly colored spandex for no valid reason, except to conform in the idiotic & narrow-minded director’s mind what ‘superhero’ is), Yñigo Raymundo (John Prats… who is a freaking OBVIOUS rip-off of Nighcrawler from “X-Men”), Euen Rapisora (Polo Ravales… whose acting is ever bland), Michie Rapisora (Sandara Park… who is typecast as an anime-like character ) and Tonton Valdez (Andrew Muhlach… who’s wearing an X-men uniform) stick together, taking a stand against evil in order to save the world and the people they love the most.

Personal Take: From the trailer, you will find that the film is flooded with copied clichés and copied shots. This film is devoid of any originality. How can you call it SuperNoypi when the heroes here all look like they’ve been copied from Hollywood movies. The film is directed by the ever selling-out Quark Henares, who up to now, has directed nothing quite original.



A movie that i suggests you not to watch unless you're a kid. sorry to say that but that's the truth. It's better to say this for the producers and directors to know what will be the reaction of the people for them to realize that immitating movies are not good. They always tell us that "PIRACY IS A CRIME" but what can you call this film, copying other's concepts (X-MEN 3)?

I walked out the movie house about 1/3 of the film. Siguro dahil LFS na ako pumasok at inaantok na ako o, dahil baduy na baduy ako dito palabas na ito. Gusto ko sabunutan ulo ko para lang intindihin at patawarin paulit-ulit ang pelikula na ito.

Casting pa lang--talo na! Yung mga characters malabo introduction at mukha ngang gaya-gaya. Yung color grading ewan ko pero parang inconsistent. Sa VFX, yung umpisa lang ang OK--hanggang ok lang. Pag may effects yung shot, medyo blurred image--siguro dahil sa baba ng resolution. Screenplay--parang teleplay ang dating.

Sa mga actors nito, si John Prats lang ang magaling. Kahit gaya-gaya lang yung character niya (XMen's Nightcrawler) e, pasado na acting niya. Ewan ko kung paano natapos yung pelikula pero, magtatanong na lang ako sa mga batang nakatiis tapusin. Si Katrina, as usual, oozing ang looks pero dito e, maligamgam lang. Si Jenelyn ok na rin kahit mukhang wala rin siyang idea sa pelikula--parang tulala o kulang acting. The rest e, pang-dagdag na lang. Ah, oo nga pala, si Jao Mapa mukhang hinugot sa year 1980s dahil sa buhok at bigote niya. Lahat ng mga magulang ng characters ay ang babata para magka-anak ng ganoon katanda.

Pambata lang ang pelikula na ito at kahit bata mapapansin nila na mahina ang direktor na gumawa nito (Quark Henares). Nasayang lang ang pera ni mother Lily Monteverde tuloy.

Nung lumabas ako, hinanap ko poster nitong Super Noypi na 'to at--naku, kung talagang tinitigan ko lang yung poster e di ko na sana pinanood ito dahil kawawang kawawa posing ng mga actors. Sa mukha pa lang nila e, 'yun yung mukha na makukuha mo paglabas mo ng sinehan.

Hay nako, sa inyo na yung P100.00 pesos ko--pamasko ko sa Regal.

yup we realy suck at making movies like this..ginaya na di pa ginaya ng maigi..haay..kya konti lng nanonood ng pinoy movies dahil sa mga puro alang kwentang mga movies..gwapo at mgaganda lng mga artista ntin,pero alang substance..haaay..
- Anonymous

Walang single original thought yata yung movie na to... kawawa naman si TotoyBato, P100 pa yung binayad. Why they have the nerve to charge an extra P20 per ticket during Film Fetival season is really aggorant since they can't even make halfway decent movies.
- Anonymous

hehe sabe na nga ba baduy eh, sa trailer pa lang auko na panoorin eh big screen pa, nood ako SR&R 8 sa gateway mahaba pila pero mas mahaba sa super noypi ewan ko bakit.... sayang lang pera nila
- janosaurus

Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di

Synopsis: I wonder why no decent synopsis has been given out by the publicity people for this movie… Is it because everybody knows that it has no decent storyline to begin with, just a rambling gibberish of corny pa-cute love story crap that Lily Monteverde’s lousy-excuse-for-a-film-company has been producing? Lily Monteverde, Joel Lamangan, and Richard Guttierez…all bad omens that a movie would be awful. If you put them together, you get probably the lousiest movie ever made. Theyre making a Mano Po 5, which has nothing to do with Mano Po 4, 3, 2, & 1. It’s all pointless. It’s as if theyre making all Tagalog movies with Chinoys as part of the Mano Po franchise. What we will see in Mano Po 5 is a whole lot of boring pa-cuteness and lovestory drama crap from Angel Locsin and Richard Guttierez. Nothing much. Just the same crap that you can get on television. So, why waste your money on this garbage?



stop it!

mano po again? i hope the producers would stop making follow ups to the sucess of part 1 and 2. its becoming a typical filipino movie again. i was impressed with 1 and 2 cuz it was different and the storyline was pretty good. it just seems to me that all they care right now is the profits they will get from its popularity and not the satisfaction of the viewers. well i guess thats philippine cinema for u.

if mmff wants pinoy movies to be known world wide they should have more strict rules and regulations. this is unacceptable

-ang 2 centavos ko

Stop insulting movie viewers!

A few years ago, Lily Monteverde claimed that Mano Po is inspired by countless stories of her Chinese heritage and that the film franchise is the Filipino answer to America's The Godfather.

Now here we are with the 5th chapter of the pathetic movie series, called Mano Po 5. This time around, the focus is on commercial values and the milking of the Richard-Angel love team.

The story was obviously written to revolve around Richard and Angel and most of the supporting crew are nothing more than token faces. It was very obvious from the beginning that the movie highlighted the superiority of the Chinese race over that of the Filipinos, and the story itself is an insult to us.

Avoid this movie like the plague!!!

Ritchie Nolasco


Matakot Ka Sa Karma

Synopsis: This is a horror trilogy "about an antique shop where the pieces of the furniture each have their own stories from the past. The new owners get their little piece of horror," says Joey Reyes. In "Kama," Aleli purchases an antique bed, not realizing that its previous owner of the bed is out to claim her son. "Aparador" is about a couple who purchased an antique cabinet where a young man died inside before. In "Tokador", an independent woman gets a possessed dresser out to take her soul.
Personal Take: Here is ANOTHER horror-three-in-one (Not Another one!). Horrors-three-in-one are movie devices that obviously relay the massage that these people are not confident that the movie they’re making is any good. It goes to show that they’re so freaking clueless of their project so as to splice it into three separate movies. Matakot Ka Sa Karma will surely have ANOTHER Sadako (Ring) rip-off, and shots copied from movies like “The Others” and “The Exorcist”. The film is directed by Jose Javier Reyes whose also had a long mileage in the local movie industry but he never has made one single decent movie which is not “baduy”, “corny, or bland & silly. His forgotten works like “Guwapings”,”Pinay Pie”, and “Narinig Mo Na Ang L8test” have all been movies that have given the Philippine movie industry such a really AWFUL image. We will all be glad when the day comes when this very experienced BAD director retires from film directing.


la mashadong story. puro takutan effect lang. la mashadong kinalaman yun title. -.-'

dragging, bad acting, bad bad bad movie! at hindi nga tama ang pamagat sa kwento.
- mischa

not worth a dime
I expected to get the scare out of my life but i somehow found myself laughing when all those "supposedly-spooky" characters came out. Hello?! Did you really expect people will find weirdly masked creatures SCARY? The movie was very frustrating to the point that people cursed in unison after leaving the movie theatre. Swear!

no connection to the story
by Robert Matias

the movie doesn't deserve to receive any good remarks when it comes to a story. Poor execution of how to suspense the audience, as well as the acting of Rica, Derek, Rafael, Bianca and Angelica - worst performers on this movie. Again VERY PREDICTABLE! You already know what will happen next from scene to scene. I think the director, Jose Javier Reyes has gone tried of making this movie after or before making the VERY GOOD FILM from Star Cinema KASAL, KASALI, KASALO. Comparison between the 2 movies is very much broader in terms of craftness the director has done in the said films. The only saving grace of this movie is the acting ability of ANA CAPRI who stands out in every scene. Shame on La Greta, she was forgettable and obviously not a good come back picture on her. Please, do not make film like this anymore

Where's the story?
by Edmund Reyes

The only thing scary was the thought that we spent 130 bucks just to watch people scream for no reason.
No one and nothing on the film had any reason for being there.
Too much repetitive camera angles and sound effects.

NOthing REMOTELY scary at all!

ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh

Synopsis: Zsazsa Zaturnnah is based on the fictional comic book superheroine of the same name created by Filipino illustrator and graphic designer Carlo Vergara. It was in a small town where Ada rented a space owned by Aling Britney, and set up shop. With his assistant Didi, Ada was on his way to what he believed to be a normal life. That is, until a strange green stone fell from the sky, granting Ada the ability to transform into a superhuman woman whenever he ingests it and shouts the word "Zaturnnah!" Didi proudly names the new hero Zsazsa Zaturnnah.
Personal Take: Joel Lamangan is directing this movie. It has been tested and proven that Joel Lamangan is the WORST film director in Tagalog cinema in recent times. His works are always inconsistent, bland, corny, devoid of any creativity and originality. Sure, he has won awards, but are you sure those awards were won over an intelligent judgement? Sure, it may have been a good idea to adapt Zaturnnah for film. But Lamangan? Give him any project, and he will screw it up with his gross lack of creativity and cinematic talent.


read the comics, saw the play, and then this
This is a NOT SO GOOD movie of the comic book zsazsa. The feel of the movie is so dated. Unlike the comic book or the play, this movie is so forgettable. After seeing the play, di naman sia ganon ka-artistic but im sure matatandaan ko pa rin siya. this one, it is so-so. maganda pa ang Darna kuno ni Dolphy (which was so "it" then). Ito talagang parang 80's ang attack ng director. ang pangit ng visuals (saw number of filipino films na naaaproximate naman nila ang US films in terms of effects), ito talaga hindi. And the music, this film is supposed to be a musical pero parang wala (tunog lata ang music). I know the music, i have the CD from the play, ito walang dating. kung ito ang una kong napanood, nakakadisappoint talaga. Thanks to the wonderful Alfred Vargas and Rustom, taob ito (actually di man lang napuno sa SM cinema ito). Ang dami namang young directors, sana sila na lang ang gumawa. What is funny is that this film, in spite of the sure fire hit na kabaklaan in the story, did not really fly. Last comment, nawala din iyong superhero ek kasi ano ba naman iyon, mas maganda pa si Ada kaysa kay ZsaZsa (kaya naman pala patay na patay si dodong kay ada eh). Iyong play and comics, gave fantasy-hope sa mga parlorista gay that they would find dodong because of inner beauty. Sad to say, di ito nagawa ng film dahil ang laking ganda ni rustom kay zsazsa (this is the GREATEST JOKE of the film)


if uve watched the play, unappealing ung movie! and the characters at the play are all better.. lalo na c "didi" ng play compared to chokoleit.. and wats with the deletion of the falous lines sa book?! aun pa namn inintay ko! che!!
- dida


("futurefilmmaker" from
First and foremost, Zsa Zsa Zaturnah is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES EVER. Meaning maraming homosexual themes, sexual innuedo, mature language and even nudity ang ZZZ. Evident yun sa graphic novel.

Then came the musical stage play. True, naging faithful sya sa original text and naging enhancement na lang ung pagiging musical niya. The stage play was still catered to MATURE AUDIENCES EVER so the adult content of the material was retained.

Then came the evil hands of mother Lily that raped ZZZ. Daig pa ng ZZZ ang nagang-bang ng sampung lasing na kargador. Regal Films made their own version of ZZZ and simply bought the franchise from CarVer and viola! Isang malaking insulto para sa awtor ng ZZZ na balahurain ang isang materyal na intended para sa mga MATURE AUDIENCES EVER. Nagdagdag ng mga karakter para sa star appeal na wala naman sa original na manuscript. Tapos si Joel Lamangan na naman? Susmaryosep, wish ko lang minsan mastroke si Joel bago ang MMFF 2007 tapos bigla syang gumaling para naman Joel Lamangan Free ang film fest. One word: OVERRATED.

Lamangan indeed is an Actor's Director. But he certainly is not a filmmaker.

Mag-acting coach na lang sya.

Nakakainis kasi fan ako ng ZZZ. Hindi miscast si Zsa Zsa Padilla lalong lalo na si Rustom Padilla. Si Chokoleit din ang unang pumasok sa isip ko habang binabasa ko ang kopya ko ng ZZZ. Katunayan walang miscast sa kanila (maliban kay aling Britney na mas bagay kay Caridad Sanchez) pero badly executed lang talaga ang pelikula. Hindi siya naging faithful to the original graphic novel at parang naging engot at **** lamang si CarVer.

See what commercialization could do.

Kaya apat na superheroes na ang naging biktima ng panggagahasa ng mga producer na nais lamang kumita ng malaki at binalahura ang kanilang mga dangal. Una si Darna na kung nabubuhay lamang si Mars Ravelo, nanaiisin na nyang mamatay. Ang Panday na isang malaking flopsina dahil na rin sa walang kalatoy latoy na storyline. Si Captain Barbell na ultimo damit, pinalitan. Pangalan lang ata ang kinuha kasi ung pinakaessence ng CAPT BARBELL, nawala na. Naging Captain Smallville sya.

At ang huling biktima, ang walang kamuwang muwang na si Zsa Zsa Zaturnah na ginawang rated GP para nga naman malaki ang kita ni mother Lily. Nawala na ang pagiging BAKLA ng ZZZ dahil ginawa syang pampamilya.

MOTHER LILY, ANG ZZZ ay ginawa para sa mga BAKLA at hindi para sayo.

Enteng Kabisote 3: Okay Ka Fairy Ko...The Legend Goes On And On

Synopsis: Oh, why bother… The film is not concerned with a decent storyline anyway. It just goes on a big ride of clichés over-used in sci-fi fantasy films. It’s pretty f%%in obvious that over the years, this franchise is pure disposable trash that is designed to give temporary ignorant bliss upon feeble minds that are unaware of how stupidity like this is left to reign in Philippine cinema. This is a circus of fad-bound slapsticks, and pathetic unfunny silliness, the same formula Vic Sotto and the rest of his team have been resorting to for more than ten years now. Will people remember Enteng Kabisote 3, years from now? No. Why? Because it is disposable trash. If you want your children to grow up with a sense of taste and smartness, don’t let them succumb to this stupidity. This big pile of trash is directed by Tony Y. Reyes, whose never made a decent movie in his life. From forgotten pieces of dirt like “Bobocop” and “Long Ranger” of the 80’s up till the new millennium, his mileage is all centered upon slapstick crap. His movies will never ever be remembered. Just like in previous years, Enteng Kabisote may hold the highest box office rating. But it still is nothing but garbage.

like watching a tv commercial
(from Cinematographer at

All I can say is, like i paid to watch this movie to watch a tv commercial. 1st half of the movie was spent endorsing their sponsors' products. It's almost like home tv shopping, only in the movie theatre and you have to pay to watch it.

Acting and action scenes were so bad, it is like they made every scene in just one take. 3rd, animation is bad for all film fest entries. For the past years, it was getting better. Don't know why it dropped back to this. Although, the cinematography & 3d effect of the flying skeleton was acceptable.

The storyline was dragging. It's like they just made some scenes, just trying to be funny without leading the story to somewhere. I don't understand how this movie made it to box office. It could be just the loyal fans of Mr Sotto. This is one of those movies, where I'd rather walk out than to waste my time in the theatre. We better stick to artistic drama & love stories. We are better on that.

Hindi Ka Okay Fairy Ko
(from Parpol Purple from
...The Legend Should Really Stop

Give it a rest. The same jokes ... On and On. It gets old. Please give us something new.

To add insult to injury it seems this movie felt that it was alright to BLATANTLY COPY ideas from STAR WARS. Excuse me... LIGHTSABER and the QUEEN AMIDALA costume... Did the producers run out of creativity?