Sunday, December 31, 2006

Matakot Ka Sa Karma

Synopsis: This is a horror trilogy "about an antique shop where the pieces of the furniture each have their own stories from the past. The new owners get their little piece of horror," says Joey Reyes. In "Kama," Aleli purchases an antique bed, not realizing that its previous owner of the bed is out to claim her son. "Aparador" is about a couple who purchased an antique cabinet where a young man died inside before. In "Tokador", an independent woman gets a possessed dresser out to take her soul.
Personal Take: Here is ANOTHER horror-three-in-one (Not Another one!). Horrors-three-in-one are movie devices that obviously relay the massage that these people are not confident that the movie they’re making is any good. It goes to show that they’re so freaking clueless of their project so as to splice it into three separate movies. Matakot Ka Sa Karma will surely have ANOTHER Sadako (Ring) rip-off, and shots copied from movies like “The Others” and “The Exorcist”. The film is directed by Jose Javier Reyes whose also had a long mileage in the local movie industry but he never has made one single decent movie which is not “baduy”, “corny, or bland & silly. His forgotten works like “Guwapings”,”Pinay Pie”, and “Narinig Mo Na Ang L8test” have all been movies that have given the Philippine movie industry such a really AWFUL image. We will all be glad when the day comes when this very experienced BAD director retires from film directing.


la mashadong story. puro takutan effect lang. la mashadong kinalaman yun title. -.-'

dragging, bad acting, bad bad bad movie! at hindi nga tama ang pamagat sa kwento.
- mischa

not worth a dime
I expected to get the scare out of my life but i somehow found myself laughing when all those "supposedly-spooky" characters came out. Hello?! Did you really expect people will find weirdly masked creatures SCARY? The movie was very frustrating to the point that people cursed in unison after leaving the movie theatre. Swear!

no connection to the story
by Robert Matias

the movie doesn't deserve to receive any good remarks when it comes to a story. Poor execution of how to suspense the audience, as well as the acting of Rica, Derek, Rafael, Bianca and Angelica - worst performers on this movie. Again VERY PREDICTABLE! You already know what will happen next from scene to scene. I think the director, Jose Javier Reyes has gone tried of making this movie after or before making the VERY GOOD FILM from Star Cinema KASAL, KASALI, KASALO. Comparison between the 2 movies is very much broader in terms of craftness the director has done in the said films. The only saving grace of this movie is the acting ability of ANA CAPRI who stands out in every scene. Shame on La Greta, she was forgettable and obviously not a good come back picture on her. Please, do not make film like this anymore

Where's the story?
by Edmund Reyes

The only thing scary was the thought that we spent 130 bucks just to watch people scream for no reason.
No one and nothing on the film had any reason for being there.
Too much repetitive camera angles and sound effects.

NOthing REMOTELY scary at all!

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