Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di

Synopsis: I wonder why no decent synopsis has been given out by the publicity people for this movie… Is it because everybody knows that it has no decent storyline to begin with, just a rambling gibberish of corny pa-cute love story crap that Lily Monteverde’s lousy-excuse-for-a-film-company has been producing? Lily Monteverde, Joel Lamangan, and Richard Guttierez…all bad omens that a movie would be awful. If you put them together, you get probably the lousiest movie ever made. Theyre making a Mano Po 5, which has nothing to do with Mano Po 4, 3, 2, & 1. It’s all pointless. It’s as if theyre making all Tagalog movies with Chinoys as part of the Mano Po franchise. What we will see in Mano Po 5 is a whole lot of boring pa-cuteness and lovestory drama crap from Angel Locsin and Richard Guttierez. Nothing much. Just the same crap that you can get on television. So, why waste your money on this garbage?



stop it!

mano po again? i hope the producers would stop making follow ups to the sucess of part 1 and 2. its becoming a typical filipino movie again. i was impressed with 1 and 2 cuz it was different and the storyline was pretty good. it just seems to me that all they care right now is the profits they will get from its popularity and not the satisfaction of the viewers. well i guess thats philippine cinema for u.

if mmff wants pinoy movies to be known world wide they should have more strict rules and regulations. this is unacceptable

-ang 2 centavos ko

Stop insulting movie viewers!

A few years ago, Lily Monteverde claimed that Mano Po is inspired by countless stories of her Chinese heritage and that the film franchise is the Filipino answer to America's The Godfather.

Now here we are with the 5th chapter of the pathetic movie series, called Mano Po 5. This time around, the focus is on commercial values and the milking of the Richard-Angel love team.

The story was obviously written to revolve around Richard and Angel and most of the supporting crew are nothing more than token faces. It was very obvious from the beginning that the movie highlighted the superiority of the Chinese race over that of the Filipinos, and the story itself is an insult to us.

Avoid this movie like the plague!!!

Ritchie Nolasco


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