Sunday, November 30, 2008

Spill Webcast on Twilight & Vampire movies

the SPILL website's webcast "A Couple of Cold Ones" has this interesting discussion on "Twilight" & vampire movies. ENJOY!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans [trailer]

I know lotsa chicks this week are going crazy over that vampire in TWILIGHT. (yawn). But we here at FilmJunkie are excited over one vampire... Underworld's VIKTOR (played by Bill Nighy). Here's the trailer to the upcoming prequel of the Underworld series: UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS which is due for international release on January 23, 2009

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

...And Bond Answers [A Daniel Craig Interview]

Daniel Craig Gives his Answers

The question of what makes a Bond movie, and how it is possible to satisfy the fans' desire for the traditional elements of the franchise is an inescapable discussion when a new Bond film is released. ROTTEN TOMATOES' Joanna Cohen caught up with Daniel Craig in an interview that talked about the new Bond film QUANTUM OF SOLACE. One aspect of Quantum of Solace that truly pays tribute to the tradition is its number one ranking as the Bond film shot across the highest number of exotic locations.
"Dr No, From Russia with Love and Goldfinger are all stylish movies. They went on location. They put the money up on the screen and we continue to do that now. We go on location. It's up there and you know you are watching a movie that has cost money because hopefully it has been spent in the right place."

He believes strongly, however, that a good Bond film can't rely entirely on the constructs of its franchise. He is quick to point out that there is a generation of people who have never seen a Bond film and as such the film must work in its own right. It is not enough to drop in lines, gadgets or characters just because one person in the audience has an expectation that they should be there regardless of good plot or characterisation. A case in point being the gags and humour that are traditionally scattered throughout Bond films. "I love those lines and I think they are absolutely valid but we have to find a new way of doing them. We owe it to Bond. If you drop them in just because a member of the audience thinks that it is not a bond movie without them, they are bad gags. With good writers, and good actors we can find a way. We did it a bit with Casino and we did it a little bit with Quantum of Solace."

Not only are gags for the sake of gags dropped from the repertoire in Quantum, but here we have a Bond, a heartbroken Bond, who appears almost respectful of women, particularly strong women.

"The days of the misogynistic Bond are sort of over. It doesn't stop him from being misogynist at times but if he comes into contact with strong people, not just strong women, but strong people, it is just sexier. It is more interesting if someone challenges him and it is a woman." He believes the most interesting relationship in the film is that between Bond and M. Both Craig and Forster felt that that relationship was crucial to the success of Quantum of Solace.

"We felt if we got this right it would make the movie. She doesn't trust him because her bosses are telling her to figure this guy out. She is in a dilemma because she thinks that she can trust him but has been ordered not to. I am really happy where we got it to and I hope we do get to make another one because that relationship is really solid." Also evident is his pleasure in working with the actor behind M, Dame Judi Dench. When asked about her sense of humour he laughs that he has "known dirtier senses of humour but hers is pretty dirty."

"I have never worked with her before. It has obviously been a dream of mine to do so and this dream has been fulfilled. Maybe we will do something serious one day but this ticks all the boxes." Another actor he respects in the film is Rory Kinnear who plays M's aid, Bill Tanner. Craig laughs that he is basically the modern Moneypenny. "He plays it beautifully and gives a brilliant performance in this. He has a really small role but he does it pitch perfectly, the way he plays off Judi. It is a very subtle performance going on in the movie." Craig sees Kinnear's performance as a key example of why you don't just throw traditional Bond characters into the films, anymore than do gags and gadgets.

Like Moneypenny, Q is an obvious and much loved character missing from the franchise. Craig would love to see Q come back to the modern Bond but not just for the sake of having him there. "We should give Q to a good actor. We should find an actor and find out what they think and find a good story. If we just drop it in there and then go to the basement and there is Q with exploding bananas, it is not going to work. Q has been done and it has been done brilliantly and with great humour. We have to find a way to bring Q into it properly. I think we owe it to the franchise."

For all this discussion, does Daniel Craig like James Bond?

"I don't dislike him I just don't want to judge him really. I think he is totally morally ambiguous as a character; he kills people for a living. If I start judging him or taking the piss out of him, which would be the worst thing to do, then it is all over and there is no room to go. I think it would be nice to get to know him a bit more in the next movie. I think he could be relaxed. I do think Quantum of Solace is the end of this sort of intensity. The next version of the intensity we will come from a different angle. It won't be so balls to the wall. It will hopefully be something that we can slowly come into and explore in a different way. Also, there will be a lot more gags."


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

STAR TREK [something to watch out for 2009]

It has been quite a hot buzz for a while, this (generally considered) reboot of the STAR TREK franchise. Star Trek is directed by J. J. Abrams, written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, and produced by Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk. It is the eleventh Star Trek film and features the main characters of the original Star Trek series, who are portrayed by a new cast. It follows James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) enrolling at Starfleet Academy, his first meeting with Spock (Zachary Quinto), and their battles with Romulans from the future, who are interfering with history.

Development of the film began in 2005 when Paramount Pictures contacted Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman for ideas to revive the franchise. The creative team contrasted Orci and Lindelof, who consider themselves "Trekkies", with casual fans like Abrams, who all aimed to create a film that would interest a general audience. They wanted to be faithful to Star Trek canon, but also introduced elements of their favorite novels, modified continuity with the time travel storyline, and modernized the production design of the original show. Filming took place from November 2007 to April 2008 under intense secrecy. Midway through the shoot, Paramount chose to delay the release date from December 25, 2008 to May 2009, arguing the film would perform better in the summer.
The film is scheduled to be generally and internationally released on May 8, 2009.

Monday, November 17, 2008

HIMALA triumphant in CNN APSA Viewers Choice Award

The Pinoy film classic HIMALA which was directed by Ishmael Bernal and stars Nora Aunor, has been awarded the CNN APSA Viewers Choice Award for Best Asia-Pacific Film of all Time.

Thousands of CNN viewers voted on "The Screening Room" Web site to honor Ishmael Bernal's 1982 film with the accolade, which is jointly awarded by CNN and the region's prestigious Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA).

Bernal's austere tale of a young woman who goes on a healing crusade after seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary, which stars Filipino actress Nora Aunor, took the prize with 32 percent of the vote. It came in ahead of ahead of more widely known films like Japanese Akira Kurosawa's "Shichinin no samurai" ("Seven Samurai"), which took second place and "Wo hu cang long" ("Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon") by Taiwan's Ang Lee, which snared third. Other films in the shortlist included Chan-wook Park's "Oldboy" from South Korea and Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki's animated film "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi" ("Spirited Away").

"Whatever the reason, I do feel we deserve this award," said "Himala" producer Bibsy Carballo, "If only as a tribute to our people who in once a great while decide to come together as one, forget their petty squabbles and divisiveness, and make a declaration of support for this troubled nation, and its tremendously talented and good-hearted if unfortunate population. Long live 'Himala!'"

When it was first released in 1982, "Himala" was picked for the official selection at Berlin International Film Festival, as well as a number of other festivals, and Nora Aunor was nominated for Best Actress.

HIMALA cover re-design by Reymundo Salao

Thursday, November 13, 2008


By Reymundo Salao

QUANTUM OF SOLACE is one of the four big movies I’ve been anticipating this year (the others are John Rambo, Hellboy 2 and The Dark Knight), so that’s why there’s as sort of pressure in my crossing of fingers hoping this would not be a disappointment. And of course, a great number of fans also await for this new Bond movie, fresh off the most successful (reboot) Bond movie CASINO ROYALE, which is now regarded by many as THE best James Bond movie ever. I was actually afraid that Quantum director Marc Foster (who also did The Kite Runner, Stranger than Fiction, Finding Neverland, & Monster’s Ball) would not meet up with the excellent job done by Martin Campbell in Casino Royale. But Quantum does not disappoint, and even manages to impress. I freaking love this movie that I still have this itch to watch it again even though I have already watched it twice.

This is certainly the James Bond for the new millennia. In the old days, we see James Bond fighting incredible and oftentimes ridiculous villains who have massive headquarters in volcanoes, moonbases, death ray shooting satellites, and they have fantastic diabolical plans like causing massive earthquakes, blowing up entire continents, and two separate villains intent on destroying all human life and rebuild humanity and civilization… one underwater, and one on the moon. Not anymore, we’re done with loving all that nonsense… With the newly-rebooted James Bond franchise, we pit Bond facing real world issues. This time the James Bond movies are starting to get realistic and relevant with what is happening in the world today; The CIA are dealing with influential corporations that have underworld shadow agendas, and the British Government are choosing to be negligent of a suspicion they choose not to investigate on, and destabilization of governments, secretly in the hands of organizations with selfish goals. Harsh Realities, really.

It is profoundly awesome to have the main protagonist characters play with the real world aspects of spies, counter-intelligence, and government interests. James Bond, heroically bound by duty and a hidden sense of righteous vengeance, goes against the system that is going with the tide controlled by sinister people that influence world politics. There’s M, who acts as a British Intelligence superior who must keep on her duty as one of those who must put Bond on a leash while keeping her own protesting opinions at bay. And there’s CIA Agent Felix Leiter, who, like M, must play ball with their governments and their organizations going with the tide that the villains have control of, while keeping their protestations at bay, and doing their best to secretly aid Bond.

Felix Leiter is excellently played by Jeffrey Wright whose silent disgust towards his agency’s actions are noteworthy. Mathieu Almaric may look too normal for a Bond villain, but his role works for him really well, no complaints about him. The secondary Bond girl Gemma Arterton’s role supposedly has the full name of Strawberry Fields. But she’s just Agent Fields here. The main Bond girl here, the Bolivian Agent named Camille is played by the goddess-like Olga Kurylenko who effectively pulls off a role as a Bolivian when she’s actually Ukranian. A refreshing change from playing slutty roles in Hitman and Max Payne, Olga here plays a serious woman out for revenge. Judi Dench as M, oh my God, I can’t easily express how much I adore the onscreen relationship of James Bond and M on this movie. Like a very interesting mother-son relationship; it’s precious.

Although many film purists would argue that Sean Connery is the quintessential James Bond, mainly due to the fact that he was the first and most popular actor to have ever given life to the role, but that may be a case I would disagree now. Daniel Craig is the one who I consider to be THE quintessential James Bond, because he humanizes the character of James Bond. This Bond kicks ass, bleeds, and he can feel emotional torment despite the cool image he projects. Somehow, Craig manages to show an aspect of Bond that can act the groovy, arrogant and cold persona, but at the same time show a hidden inner misery and torment. Other Bond actors may show Bond as being cold-blooded and a womanizer, they can pull it off in a way that makes Bond somewhat of a jerk. But Craig’s Bond is cold-blooded and a womanizer…because HE HAS TO BE THAT. Up from Casino Royale to Quantum you could see that Bond disallows himself to be emotionally attached because he is sensitive deep inside. He let his guard down by falling for Vesper, and with his loss, this only fortifies Bond’s mantra of being emotionally detached. In previous Bond movies, I used to root for the villains, probably because Bond was a character which is not easy to relate with, and was never kickass enough. I mean, linte, he was just a prettyboy jerk. Craig’s Bond is different because one could easily relate with him, and yes, he does pull it off as a cool action hero, a real bad motherf%%er who can give Rambo and Jason Bourne a stiff competition.

Screenwriter Paul Haggis described James Bond in this film as "a very human and flawed assassin, a man who has to navigate a morally complex and often cynical world while attempting to hold onto his deep beliefs of what is right and wrong." Daniel Craig further described Bond as "an unfinished article with a sense of revenge, who is still headstrong and doesn't always make the right decisions."

It is actually difficult to compare this movie with Casino Royale. Perhaps the single minus factor of Quantum is that its action is more static and shakier. Casino Royale’s action sequences are more polished and vividly more coherent, regardless of a similar fast pace. While the aggressive action of Casino Royale is followed by firm and technically static-free shots which lets you see each second-by-second detail of what’s going on. Quantum, on the other hand, employs shaky camera shots, similar to the Bourne movies, which tend to get confusing with speed but does intensify the sense of relentlessness. The brawl scenes also employed closer angles which tend to blur out the fight details. This demerit, on the other hand, does not diminish the film’s greatness.

There were numerous factors which made me love the movie so much. Scenes like the Meeting of the members of Quantum (which seems like the modern version of SPECTRE, which was the villainous terrorist organization featured on many of the classic James Bond movies) was marvelous and very reminiscent of the SPECTRE meetings. Then there’s the reference to the Goldfinger scene where a murdered girl’s entire body was painted in gold, while here, a girl’s dead body is covered in black oil. There’s also the scene when Bond embraces Camille, as he tries to protect her from the fire, I could not help but notice that it kind of parallels the scene in Casino Royale where Bond is also embracing Vesper in a sentimental scene at the shower.

QUANTUM OF SOLACE, which is actually a direct follow-up to CASINO ROYALE, because Quantum’s opening scenes happen five minutes after the ending of Casino Royale. This one is much more intensified and more action-packed. Shaken, Stirred, and Absolutely Marvellous, Quantum of Solace is a great movie to watch. And yes, I am planning on seeing it again this weekend for the third time already.

In Real World News: Batman versus Batman

Where are you from? Oh, I'm from Batman!

Yes, mga bords, there is a place called Batman. It is is a city on the Batman River in the predominantly Kurdish southeast of Turkey.

And on November 7th, 2008, Batman Mayor Hüseyin Kalkan began looking into legal possibilities toward suing Christopher Nolan, director of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight for naming infringement and "placing the blame for a number of unsolved murders and a high female suicide rate on the psychological impact that the film's success has had on the city's inhabitants."
Huseyin Kalkan, the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party mayor of Batman, has accused "The Dark Knight" producers of using the city's name without permission.

"There is only one Batman in the world," Kalkan said. "The American producers used the name of our city without informing us." (i love this guy!)

I was laughing my ass on a comment made by somebody in the superherohype site, who calls himself "dude" saying: "Sounds like Turkey is having some money problems. This should be a lesson to tell the people of 'Wolverine', 'Watchmen' and the city of "Captain America:The First Avenger" before they sue"

yep. That's the mayor of Batman. Maybe he'll sue Nintendo next for basing Super Mario on him. hehehe

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bad News: Ratner is directing Conan

bad BAAAD news: Director Brett Ratner is in final negotiations to take on literature's most famous barbarian CONAN.

According to Hollywood Reporter:
Over the past few weeks, Ratner has been considering signing on to direct a 21st century update of "Conan," co-produced by Nu Image/Millennium and Lionsgate Films, even as he pushes another high-profile project -- a fourth installment of the "Beverly Hills Cop" franchise -- toward a greenlight at Paramount, where he recently set up shop.

While the "Conan" development deal puts the brawny brigand on Ratner's docket, "BHC IV" is still likely to go into production first.

Ratner jived to the "Conan" script by Gersh-repped Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly, who looked to Robert E. Howard's original pulp stories of the 1930s to create their take on the character. The writers are doing a quick polish to incorporate some of Ratner's ideas, with an eye toward releasing the film in 2010.

Millennium and Lionsgate are eyeing a potential franchise and envision a very R-rated approach in the $85 million budget range.

"The story opens on the battlefield where Conan is born and tells the origin story that sets the stage for what will be the first of multiple films," Lerner said. "This is a coup for Millennium Films and proves that our choice of projects and material is attracting much higher-profile directors and actors."

Oliver Stone and John Milius wrote the surly fictional thief's first screen incarnation, "Conan the Barbarian," which Milius also directed in 1982. A jokier, less blood-and-boob-heavy sequel, "Conan the Destroyer," destroyed the character's franchise chances in 1984 by aiming for a PG-13 rating.

Oppenheimer and Donnelly also wrote "Sahara" and "A Sound of Thunder," and they have "Airborn" in development at Universal, with Stephen Sommers attached to direct.

Ratner, repped by CAA, most recently directed "Rush Hour 3" and "X-Men: The Last Stand."


no no NO!!! RATNER will SCREW this up. This talentless hack director has ALREADY screwed up the X-Men Franchise, The Hannibal Lecter Series, and his only source of pride is the trilogy of lame-ass pathetic toilet popcorn actioncomedy, the Rush Hour franchise. Oh yeah, sure, the Rush Hour Franchise? THAT is supposed to make us believe that this BULAY-OG is capable of making a decent Conan movie? You dont wait for a smalltime critic from a small city in a third world country to realize that this choice of Ratner being the director is an awful AWFUL one.

Ratner will turn this into some kind of crossbreed of Scorpion King & Fast and the Furious. This is going to have a fucking pop song themesong and pop soundtrack to go with it. Ratner is going to RIP-OFF anything he can copy from 300 and Lord of the Rings. Why? Coz he's obviously a hell of an unoriginal hack.

Hey Ratner, go back to working on movies that appeal to the new millenia MTV morons. You'll feel more at home there! John Milius' Conan the Barbarian is one of the movies that have been very precious to my childhood years... & this Ratner ANG BILATSINGILOYYA will just come and ruin it? How Gago Ratner, come here in iloilo and i will kick your fucking balls till they turn blue and bleed! BilatsingILOY mo!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Jet Li, Jason Statham, & Sylvester Stallone are EXPENDABLES

Plot Concept: The movie follows a team of mercenaries on a mission to overthrow a South American dictator

Who's gonna star on it? Oh, just three of the most bad-ass action stars... Jet Li, Jason Statham, and Sylvester Stallone!

Variety reports Stallone will star in and direct The Expendables for Nu Image/Millennium Films while notable action stars Jason Statham and Jet Li are also in final negotiations to jump aboard. Rambo producer Avi Lerner is producing alongside John Thompson and Kevin King Templeton. Boaz Davidson, Trevor Short and Danny Dimbort are set to executive produce. Production will begin in Costa Rica and Louisiana in February.


Friday, November 07, 2008


A Look Back at the James Bond Reboot & its direct sequel
By Reymundo Salao

James Bond is probably the most popular action hero of all time, having been around since the 50’s, and reigned as a film icon since the 60’s. Every person who has ever seen a movie or television is familiar with James Bond, its story, its characters, and even its music. The character created by Ian Fleming has been brought to life so many times, initially by actors like Peter Sellers and even Woody Allen. But it wasn’t until Eon Productions took a hold of the franchise and became it the most successful film franchise ever, with 22 James Bond movies made as of now. And that first Bond to take on the role under the Eon Production movies as Sean Connery, who was etched as the quintessential James Bond. Bond was brought to life later on by George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, and Pierce Brosnan. The franchise had its highs and lows but it survived the test of time.

In 2006, the James Bond franchise had its reboot and a new actor was chosen to take on the role of the new James Bond. The film was CASINO ROYALE and the actor chosen was Daniel Craig. Craig personifies an action hero image that we could relate to, rugged, tough, and rebellious. The film really reveals how much Daniel Craig proves himself to be more than worthy of being the new James Bond. Apart from his rugged physique, he delivers more spiky charm with both arrogance and a sensitive side of Bond which makes him a complex character, and that is what makes him very interesting. This film even shows a far more sensitive, loving, and romantic Bond than in any other James Bond movie (he actually says the magic words "I Love You" in this one). Far beyond the romantic version that George Lazenby has portrayed in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (wherein Bond got married). Craig brings to life a more human Bond. One that actually knows how to care for something important to him and his soul, and has a nasty sense of humor even when he’s being tortured.

CASINO ROYALE pushes for a more believable Bond in a believable setting. There would be no volcanoes here that reveal to be mountain fortresses for villains, nor are there underwater palaces or outer space stations run by uniformed bad guys. But there are some pretty simple gadgets not worth mentioning. My guess is, that just like “From Russia with Love”, this movie sticks to the plain action-thriller formula from the Fleming books. Perhaps some of us can wait for the gadgets till the next Bond movie may come.

The film is said to take James Bond "back to his roots" in a film that would be similar to From Russia with Love where the focus was on character and plot rather than high-tech gadgets and visual effects. An issue which would surely revolutionize the James Bond genre. The new James Bond series that began in Casino Royale intends to establish a more realistic James Bond. A Bond that kicks ass, bleeds, and gets tormented, even emotionally as in the loss of Vesper, his beloved wife. Although many may argue Connery to be the quintessential James Bond, I personally disagree and put Craig on that rank, because Craig’s Bond seeks to humanize the character. Bond is not anymore a somewhat action-comicbook character. He is now complex and emotional, despite the cold image his character desperately projects.

QUANTUM OF SOLACE is the direct sequel to CASINO ROYALE. The sequel begins 5 minutes after the ending of CASINO ROYALE. In the end of that movie, he finds Mr. White, who is just the tip of the iceberg, he is a mere operative of a much larger, much more dangerous terrorist organization. James Bond’s thirst for vengeance and vindication is not satisfied, and bound by duty and a personal vendetta, he seeks out this organization with a black pleasure; a Quantum of Solace. [to be continued with the full review of QUANTUM OF SOLACE]

Monday, November 03, 2008

Just One of the MANY Reasons why Mainstream Philippine Cinema is THE Lousiest

Marian Rivera: Versatile? ...NOT
by Reymundo Salao

Here is one story that shows us why mainstream Philippine Cinema has been in the pits of trash for so long. Philippine Entertainment Portal reports that Marian “Marimar” Rivera is shooting four (4) movies…simultaneously! Wow! Is this chick like a De Niro, a Pacino, or a Freeman, or WHAT!

One movie is “One True Love” which is going to be shown on November 19 …YES, that is just 16 days or a little more than two weeks from now… WOW! Now you know why you should NOT spend your hard earned money on the crappy movies these mainstream production companies make…it’s coz they do not even give it enough time to ensure that it will be a good movie. And guess what, as the report goes, it seems that they’re STILL SHOOTING the damned thing! (that’s coz this news report came out just today, November 3, 2008) I don’t know how long the post-production is going to take? 2 days? It’s like they’re making a high school project here! I don’t think even Spielberg can pull off a skill like that.

Marian is also shooting the 2 Metro Manila Film Festival entries namely “Desperadas 2” (the sequel to the Desperate Housewives RIP-OFF) and “Shake Rattle & Roll X” (which is the tenth of the horror franchise which has gone lousier and lousier ever since it had gone past the 4th movie). Oh and Marian is also having a guest role in another entry entitled “Scaregiver”

Is there something wrong with Marian having lots of sidelines? Nothing really. What we are up against here is not Marian. What we are complaining here is the system. We all know Marian has gone supernova up to stardom with Marimar. And it seems, so predictably of mainstream cinema, that it would do all it can to squeeze in as much cash from their new cash cow, which is the popularity of Marian. Again, there’s nothing wrong with this. But what is actually wrong here is 2 important reasons:
1. that in this process, it will be done at the expense of production quality. Because they want Marian in one too many movies, OF COURSE, the poor actress cannot possibly maximize her acting prowess; and the second reason is:
2. Anti-Piracy nuts taking the side of Philippine Showbiz always claim that Piracy destroys their livelihoods. They point to actors and actresses who have fallen to poverty as examples of their cause. Yet, in their hypocrisy, they do not even see that they, who are at the striking distance, in the front lines of being able to help these actors and actresses are the ones who do the sin of negligence. There are so many actresses out there, many of them far more talented than the ones these big companies parade before the media-zombified masses, yet these companies ignore the talented nobodies who struggle to break into getting attention… and fail. These companies are the first ones who destroy the ARTISTA by replacing them with talentless (ironically called) “talents” who are required not only to look good but also can sing and dance as well, in addition, the companies have a penchant for half-breeds who are so fucking rich in the first place.

So there you go… Just a LITTLE example of how mainstream tagalong cinema continues to be the smelly, lousy frogshit that it is. Want to support Philippine Cinema? Then what you do is BAN yourself from watching movies by Viva, Regal, Seiko, MZet, Imus, Star or GMA Films. Watch Pinoy Indie movies instead.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Nolan's BATMAN will not join The JUSTICE LEAGUE

Nolan's Batman won't join JUSTICE LEAGUE
By Rob M. Worley /
Source: L.A. Times Hero Complex blog

When Warner Bros. announced plans for a 'Justice League' movie, it drew plenty of consternation from fans. With Batman and Superman just relaunched as stand-along franchises, did it make sense to have different versions of those characters appearing in a separate franchise. When the project began to fall apart, rumor had it that grumbling from Christopher Nolan's camp was a contributing factor.

In an exclusive interview with the L.A. Times, Nolan talks about the prospect of his version Batman finding its way into a superhero crossover, in the same way we're seeing Marvel cross pollinate their movies. Nolan told the Times that the story he's told thus far does not fit into a larger universe.

"I don’t think our Batman, our Gotham, lends itself to that kind of cross-fertilization. It goes back to one of the first things we wrangled with when we first started putting the story together: Is this a world in which comic books already exist? Is this a world in which superheroes already exist?

"If you think of 'Batman Begins' and you think of the philosophy of this character trying to reinvent himself as a symbol, we took the position -- we didn’t address it directly in the film, but we did take the position philosophically -- that superheroes simply don’t exist. If they did, if Bruce knew of Superman or even of comic books, then that’s a completely different decision that he’s making when he puts on a costume in an attempt to become a symbol. It’s a paradox and a conundrum, but what we did is go back to the very original concept and idea of the character. In his first appearances, he invents himself as a totally original creation," Nolan said.

"It would have given a very, very different meaning to what Bruce Wayne was leaving home to do and coming back home to do and putting on the costume for and all the rest. We dealt with on its own terms: What does Batman mean to Bruce Wayne, what is he trying to achieve? He has not been influenced by other superheroes. Of course, you see what we’re able to do with Joker in this film is that he is able to be quite theatrical because we set up Batman as an example of intense theatricality in Gotham. It starts to grow outward from Batman. But the premise we began with is that Batman was creating a wholly original thing."

So, if the 'Justice League' movie ever does get made, and if Nolan has anything to say about it, it'll stay separate from his own bat-franchise.