Monday, November 03, 2008

Just One of the MANY Reasons why Mainstream Philippine Cinema is THE Lousiest

Marian Rivera: Versatile? ...NOT
by Reymundo Salao

Here is one story that shows us why mainstream Philippine Cinema has been in the pits of trash for so long. Philippine Entertainment Portal reports that Marian “Marimar” Rivera is shooting four (4) movies…simultaneously! Wow! Is this chick like a De Niro, a Pacino, or a Freeman, or WHAT!

One movie is “One True Love” which is going to be shown on November 19 …YES, that is just 16 days or a little more than two weeks from now… WOW! Now you know why you should NOT spend your hard earned money on the crappy movies these mainstream production companies make…it’s coz they do not even give it enough time to ensure that it will be a good movie. And guess what, as the report goes, it seems that they’re STILL SHOOTING the damned thing! (that’s coz this news report came out just today, November 3, 2008) I don’t know how long the post-production is going to take? 2 days? It’s like they’re making a high school project here! I don’t think even Spielberg can pull off a skill like that.

Marian is also shooting the 2 Metro Manila Film Festival entries namely “Desperadas 2” (the sequel to the Desperate Housewives RIP-OFF) and “Shake Rattle & Roll X” (which is the tenth of the horror franchise which has gone lousier and lousier ever since it had gone past the 4th movie). Oh and Marian is also having a guest role in another entry entitled “Scaregiver”

Is there something wrong with Marian having lots of sidelines? Nothing really. What we are up against here is not Marian. What we are complaining here is the system. We all know Marian has gone supernova up to stardom with Marimar. And it seems, so predictably of mainstream cinema, that it would do all it can to squeeze in as much cash from their new cash cow, which is the popularity of Marian. Again, there’s nothing wrong with this. But what is actually wrong here is 2 important reasons:
1. that in this process, it will be done at the expense of production quality. Because they want Marian in one too many movies, OF COURSE, the poor actress cannot possibly maximize her acting prowess; and the second reason is:
2. Anti-Piracy nuts taking the side of Philippine Showbiz always claim that Piracy destroys their livelihoods. They point to actors and actresses who have fallen to poverty as examples of their cause. Yet, in their hypocrisy, they do not even see that they, who are at the striking distance, in the front lines of being able to help these actors and actresses are the ones who do the sin of negligence. There are so many actresses out there, many of them far more talented than the ones these big companies parade before the media-zombified masses, yet these companies ignore the talented nobodies who struggle to break into getting attention… and fail. These companies are the first ones who destroy the ARTISTA by replacing them with talentless (ironically called) “talents” who are required not only to look good but also can sing and dance as well, in addition, the companies have a penchant for half-breeds who are so fucking rich in the first place.

So there you go… Just a LITTLE example of how mainstream tagalong cinema continues to be the smelly, lousy frogshit that it is. Want to support Philippine Cinema? Then what you do is BAN yourself from watching movies by Viva, Regal, Seiko, MZet, Imus, Star or GMA Films. Watch Pinoy Indie movies instead.

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