Sunday, December 31, 2006

Super Noypi

Synopsis: Six normal childhood friends bound together by friendship find themselves faced with a shocking revelation – their parents are the legendary Super Noypi (WOW, This SOUNDS like SPY KIDS), the most powerful superheroes in the land! But now they are in danger, taken hostage by the wicked super-villain Diego (Monsour del Rosario… who dresses up like Magneto and supposedly floats in the air in a way where he looks like he’s being hung in a wire).
One by one, the six friends discover their super powers: moving objects using the mind, becoming invisible at will, having superhuman strength and speed, transforming into any shape imaginable, casting spells and controlling fire and ice (Obviously, this sequence will definitely look copy-pasted from “Fantastic Four”, and “Sky High”)

With the help of a strong and spirited stranger from the future named Lia (Jennylyn Mercado), who claims that the world as we know it will cease to exist if they don’t stop Diego now (And Why is that?), Lorenzo Valdez (Mark Herras… who dresses up in leathery trench coat just because he has powers even though it’s freakin hot here in the Philippines), Annys Valdez (Katrina Halili…who dresses up in brightly colored spandex for no valid reason, except to conform in the idiotic & narrow-minded director’s mind what ‘superhero’ is), Yñigo Raymundo (John Prats… who is a freaking OBVIOUS rip-off of Nighcrawler from “X-Men”), Euen Rapisora (Polo Ravales… whose acting is ever bland), Michie Rapisora (Sandara Park… who is typecast as an anime-like character ) and Tonton Valdez (Andrew Muhlach… who’s wearing an X-men uniform) stick together, taking a stand against evil in order to save the world and the people they love the most.

Personal Take: From the trailer, you will find that the film is flooded with copied clichés and copied shots. This film is devoid of any originality. How can you call it SuperNoypi when the heroes here all look like they’ve been copied from Hollywood movies. The film is directed by the ever selling-out Quark Henares, who up to now, has directed nothing quite original.



A movie that i suggests you not to watch unless you're a kid. sorry to say that but that's the truth. It's better to say this for the producers and directors to know what will be the reaction of the people for them to realize that immitating movies are not good. They always tell us that "PIRACY IS A CRIME" but what can you call this film, copying other's concepts (X-MEN 3)?

I walked out the movie house about 1/3 of the film. Siguro dahil LFS na ako pumasok at inaantok na ako o, dahil baduy na baduy ako dito palabas na ito. Gusto ko sabunutan ulo ko para lang intindihin at patawarin paulit-ulit ang pelikula na ito.

Casting pa lang--talo na! Yung mga characters malabo introduction at mukha ngang gaya-gaya. Yung color grading ewan ko pero parang inconsistent. Sa VFX, yung umpisa lang ang OK--hanggang ok lang. Pag may effects yung shot, medyo blurred image--siguro dahil sa baba ng resolution. Screenplay--parang teleplay ang dating.

Sa mga actors nito, si John Prats lang ang magaling. Kahit gaya-gaya lang yung character niya (XMen's Nightcrawler) e, pasado na acting niya. Ewan ko kung paano natapos yung pelikula pero, magtatanong na lang ako sa mga batang nakatiis tapusin. Si Katrina, as usual, oozing ang looks pero dito e, maligamgam lang. Si Jenelyn ok na rin kahit mukhang wala rin siyang idea sa pelikula--parang tulala o kulang acting. The rest e, pang-dagdag na lang. Ah, oo nga pala, si Jao Mapa mukhang hinugot sa year 1980s dahil sa buhok at bigote niya. Lahat ng mga magulang ng characters ay ang babata para magka-anak ng ganoon katanda.

Pambata lang ang pelikula na ito at kahit bata mapapansin nila na mahina ang direktor na gumawa nito (Quark Henares). Nasayang lang ang pera ni mother Lily Monteverde tuloy.

Nung lumabas ako, hinanap ko poster nitong Super Noypi na 'to at--naku, kung talagang tinitigan ko lang yung poster e di ko na sana pinanood ito dahil kawawang kawawa posing ng mga actors. Sa mukha pa lang nila e, 'yun yung mukha na makukuha mo paglabas mo ng sinehan.

Hay nako, sa inyo na yung P100.00 pesos ko--pamasko ko sa Regal.

yup we realy suck at making movies like this..ginaya na di pa ginaya ng maigi..haay..kya konti lng nanonood ng pinoy movies dahil sa mga puro alang kwentang mga movies..gwapo at mgaganda lng mga artista ntin,pero alang substance..haaay..
- Anonymous

Walang single original thought yata yung movie na to... kawawa naman si TotoyBato, P100 pa yung binayad. Why they have the nerve to charge an extra P20 per ticket during Film Fetival season is really aggorant since they can't even make halfway decent movies.
- Anonymous

hehe sabe na nga ba baduy eh, sa trailer pa lang auko na panoorin eh big screen pa, nood ako SR&R 8 sa gateway mahaba pila pero mas mahaba sa super noypi ewan ko bakit.... sayang lang pera nila
- janosaurus


Anonymous said...

MAnood ka ng Kasal kasali kasalo. maganda. sa gitna ng thrash sa mmff entries, matutuwa ka dahl may kkk. seriosuly.

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