Sunday, December 31, 2006

Enteng Kabisote 3: Okay Ka Fairy Ko...The Legend Goes On And On

Synopsis: Oh, why bother… The film is not concerned with a decent storyline anyway. It just goes on a big ride of clichés over-used in sci-fi fantasy films. It’s pretty f%%in obvious that over the years, this franchise is pure disposable trash that is designed to give temporary ignorant bliss upon feeble minds that are unaware of how stupidity like this is left to reign in Philippine cinema. This is a circus of fad-bound slapsticks, and pathetic unfunny silliness, the same formula Vic Sotto and the rest of his team have been resorting to for more than ten years now. Will people remember Enteng Kabisote 3, years from now? No. Why? Because it is disposable trash. If you want your children to grow up with a sense of taste and smartness, don’t let them succumb to this stupidity. This big pile of trash is directed by Tony Y. Reyes, whose never made a decent movie in his life. From forgotten pieces of dirt like “Bobocop” and “Long Ranger” of the 80’s up till the new millennium, his mileage is all centered upon slapstick crap. His movies will never ever be remembered. Just like in previous years, Enteng Kabisote may hold the highest box office rating. But it still is nothing but garbage.

like watching a tv commercial
(from Cinematographer at

All I can say is, like i paid to watch this movie to watch a tv commercial. 1st half of the movie was spent endorsing their sponsors' products. It's almost like home tv shopping, only in the movie theatre and you have to pay to watch it.

Acting and action scenes were so bad, it is like they made every scene in just one take. 3rd, animation is bad for all film fest entries. For the past years, it was getting better. Don't know why it dropped back to this. Although, the cinematography & 3d effect of the flying skeleton was acceptable.

The storyline was dragging. It's like they just made some scenes, just trying to be funny without leading the story to somewhere. I don't understand how this movie made it to box office. It could be just the loyal fans of Mr Sotto. This is one of those movies, where I'd rather walk out than to waste my time in the theatre. We better stick to artistic drama & love stories. We are better on that.

Hindi Ka Okay Fairy Ko
(from Parpol Purple from
...The Legend Should Really Stop

Give it a rest. The same jokes ... On and On. It gets old. Please give us something new.

To add insult to injury it seems this movie felt that it was alright to BLATANTLY COPY ideas from STAR WARS. Excuse me... LIGHTSABER and the QUEEN AMIDALA costume... Did the producers run out of creativity?

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