Friday, February 05, 2010

Teaser Trailer for "A.D." (an animated Zombie movie)

This video is a teaser trailer for an animated zombie flick called A.D., which was written by Haylar Garcia and directed by Ben Hibon. The team is using the 1 1/2-minute preview to generate studio interest, as a full feature film has not been produced.

Land of the Dead and 300 producer Bernie Goldmann is supporting the team and has high hopes that the project will get picked up, saying:
"Whenever you want to do anything that challenges the way people think about movies things move slowly. Movie executives want to make 100 versions of the same movie. Which from their perspective makes sense. You don’t get fired for making the Reese Witherspoon romantic comedy. I completely believe that A.D. will be a hit movie. The zombie genre could use some reinvention. This movie will be like no other."

...And you thought CG Animated movies are only made for family-friendly audiences? Well, dont expect the usual Pixar style family-friendly stuff, coz this one looks to be bloody gore good.

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