Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Reboot Daredevil

It was just a matter of time before this would inevitably happen. DAREDEVIL is headed for a reboot. Deadline.com reports that Regency is mounting the remake with Peter Chernin producing. Writing the redo is screenwriter David Scarpa, who scripted The Day The Earth Stood Still for Fox, which will distribute this project. The reason this is happening is simple: Hollywood studios with Marvel superheroes need to keep reinventing these Marvel movie franchises or the rights revert back to Disney-based Marvel. Fortunately, the properties are as resilient as the indestructible superheroes themselves.

There was this idea floating around (I think I heard in on Spill.com on their podcast show "League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen") that the proper way of making a Daredevil movie is to set it in 1970's New York, back when New York was filthy and noir-ish (think of the movie Taxi Driver). Oh I agree with this idea and I hope they would do it this way. I have never been to New York, but after the 90's New York seem to have changed its image to a more glam-related, "Sex in the City" image.

When the Daredevil movie directed by Mark Steven Johnson and starred Ben Affleck came out in 2003, many fans of the character and the comicbook were disgusted at how that turned out to be. Many cited its corny direction, miscast, and use of such an awful pop rock soundtrack. I, personally did not think it was THAT bad, but I did really hate the freakingly awful pop rock soundtrack (that Evanescance song makes me wanna throw up a little in my own mouth).

Yeah, I did not think it was that bad, ESPECIALLY if you've watched the Daredevil director's Cut on DVD, which is a far more superior version than the theatrical cut. It's more violent and it actually diminishes the love story aspect of the movie.

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