Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Flash now has a Director

According to IESB, WB is lining up a director for another high profile DC character; Greg Berlanti is the leading contender to helm "The Flash". Berlanti wrote "Green Lantern" with Marc Guggenheim and was once attached to direct the film before WB settled on Martin Campbell. From what IESB is hearing WB is very high on Berlanti from his prep on "Green Lantern" and would love him to run with "The Flash".

Greg Berlanti's directorial credits include "The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy" and "Life As We Know it" which is set for a December 2010 release. Both of his works are comedy, and I would not say that this is a bad decision to take him for the Flash movie because after all, in the DC Universe, The Flash is the DC character which has more of a light-hearted, and more comedic appeal. Among the many incarnations of the character, the one that stands out is the version of Flash which is more of a fun-loving sort of a joker character as depicted in the Justice League animated series. With Goyer and the Nolans watching over the MAN OF STEEL and the third BATMAN movie, and the trustworthy Martin Campbell setting up a promisingly epic GREEN LANTERN movie, and now with FLASH set to be run by Berlanti, it probably is safe to say that all things are looking well in the Warner Brothers and DC movie franchise universe.

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