Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A General Consensus: VAMPIRES SUCK is a Waste of Time and Money

As a personal opinion and also part of my sort of critique of it, I think the TWILIGHT series is one of the silliest things to come out of cinema, and I can also see how hilariously dumb this series can be, if ever somebody would make a spoof or parody of it. But that does not mean that all Twilight jokes are funny. If you enjoy watching Twilight jokes that are NOT funny, VAMPIRES SUCK must be the movie for you.

It appears that the whole world agrees that VAMPIRES SUCK is CORNY. Obviously because this movie is directed by the corniest film directors on Earth: the directorial duo of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer.

Bill Gibron of says: "This movie, from these no talent writer/directors Friedberg and Seltzer, fails to find anything remotely winning with its hunt and peck sense of humor. While the subject provides ample opportunity for full on spoofing (including the mannered acting work of Twilight throbs Stewart, Pattinson, or Lautner), Friedberg and Seltzer come up short -- incredibly bad movie short. They aim low...and then miss. Vampires Suck should have been the final word on all things Team Edward and Jacob. Instead, it ends up being nothing more than Team Terrible."

John Gholson of says "Vampires Suck is almost bad enough to make me pity the Twilight film series for being the subject of such limp, toothless mockery"

On, Korey Coleman said on his audio review of Vampires Suck that his harsh criticism and self-proclaimed hatred of Friedberg and Seltzer comes from the fact that he believes that their films are lowering the standards of the spoof genre and cinema in general. Korey Coleman then offered $500 to anyone who physically assaults Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, $1000 if they capture the assault on camera.

There are so many Twilight jokes and parodies on Youtube, funnier than the jokes of Vampires Suck, it's a shame that a film company actually spent money to produce something from the (tested and proven) corniest writer/directors working in Hollywood. In the website where a consensus of numerous film reviews are posted, Vampires Suck scores a 6% in rating. Probably the lowest rated movie this year so far. So before you go and spend more than a hundred peso for this movie, go ask yourself; are you going to be wasting your money and time for this garbage?

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