Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What's Showing Updates: "Resident Evil: Afterlife" not available in 3D

LATEST UPDATE: I had an unpleasant surprise yesterday. It appears that there is no 3D version of the movie RESIDENT EVIL AFTERLIFE in our theaters here in Iloilo City. I was informed that the distributors did not send a 3D version of the movie here in Iloilo. Also remaining on 3D cinemas this week is Despicable Me. We initially reported that a 3D version of RESIDENT EVIL AFTERLIFE will be replacing DESPICABLE ME in 3D cinemas this week. That report is incorrect now.

On ther other hand, Wednesday, which is the usual Change Picture Day, saw the opening of only one movie; VAMPIRES SUCK. [Pls Check Our Consensus Report on this Movie] Another new movie will open this week, but it will open on Friday (September 10, 2010); that movie is RESIDENT EVIL 4: AFTERLIFE. The Philippine release date for this movie will coincide with its international release date.

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