Thursday, January 01, 2009

Looking Back At Our TOP FIVE FILMS OF 2008

2008 was a year of great kickass movies. Let me remind you that this is a site for those like you and me... we are all Just Another Film Junkies. We never claim to be high-brow film lovers. So this is the site where we never include high-brow Oscar-caliber movies, just for the sake of bragging that we love classy movies. Our TOP FIVE includes movies that we LOVE. Straight from the heart, bord! Incidentally, these 5 movies are all sequels, and these 5 movies are also the 5 movies that I also couldnt wait to watch for last year. The kind of movies that I would make a sort of countdown, anticipating the day I would finally watch it. And as they were greatly anticipated, they also greatly satisfied the film geek in me.

5. Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - Sometimes, you feel like this was sort of a Lord of the Rings Lite. But come to think of it, this one was even a bit more violent than the Rings. Because no matter what slaughter they do in Rings, all they slaughter are Orcs. In Caspian, we see kids slaughter armies of humans. The Pevensies can give Conan the Barbarian a run for his money on this one. KICKASS!

4. Hellboy II: The Golden Army - You gotta love HELLBOY, the anti-hero who also happens to be a cool fun dude, who loves cats. The second movie which has more fantasy creatures and creepy monsters, is actually one that is also a big bag of fun, action and adventure.

3. James Bond: Quantum of Solace - Darker and more realistic, JAMES BOND is back. Not your tatay's James Bond who is a bit of a misogynistic arrogant prick. THIS James Bond is closer to what an intelligence agent/government assassin is like. Sure, he's also a womanizer. But that doesnt mean he gets to sleep with each and every hot chick he meets. In this movie he doesnt even get to sleep with THE main hot chick.

2. John Rambo - There may be an exercise of bias here. RAMBO was my one of my childhood action heroes after all. Even though Rambo 3 was a bit lousy, this is one, this 4th Rambo movie redeems the Rambo series. Stallone shows off that he is an excellent film director. The action here is more realistic than any of the previous Rambo movies, and comes back more to the FIRST BLOOD tone, but never does choose to disregard or even forget the existence of 2 & the movie also manages to bring to the audiences attention the relevant topic that is the violence that occurs in Burma. JOHN RAMBO (a.k.a. "Rambo 4" or just "Rambo") may not be for all audiences because of its brutal, ultra-realistic violence. What I also love that the hero here is a kickass senior citizen who can still manage to strike terror into the hearts of evil men.

1. The Dark Knight - I need not explain why this is NUMERO UNO. The movie considered to be THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE. And yes, this movie is BETTER THAN SEX, according to the site and this site agrees with that position. This is the movie is what all geeks and Batman fanatics have been waiting for. A comicbook movie made seriously.. so serious that it feels like its worthy of an Academy Award.

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