Thursday, August 07, 2008

Will The Dark Knight sink Titanic from the all-time box office records?

Joker: It's not about the money!

People are still lining up for The DARK KNIGHT because it’s not only the best superhero movie; it has already become one of the best movies (of any category) of all time. At almost three hours of running time, it feels like watching three great movies at the same time. The movie has garnered an almost flawless number of high reviews, just feel free to surf the web and see the unbelievable number of critics giving it solid thumbs-up ratings. The Dark Knight has officially crossed the $400 million mark for domestic sales. What's more, the highly praised sequel hit the mark in only 18 days of release, something which took the previous record holder Shrek 2 a total of 43 days to accomplish. The holder before that was Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, which took 45 days. With the $6.2 million the film earned on its 4,266 theaters Monday, the film is currently sitting at $400.0 million for its domestic gross. The movie already has broken several domestic box-office records, including the biggest single-day of all time for its first day in theaters ($67.2 million); biggest opening weekend ($158.4 million) and fastest to $200 million (five days). Big question is if The Dark Knight will indeed sink the Titanic on box-office records..? Well, it would give us a more peaceful sleep at night knowing that the highest grossing movie is The Dark Knight and not some “wee-wee ihi-sa-pantalon” movie like Titanic (According to the rating of highest grossing films as adjusted for ticket price inflation, Titanic is only the 6th behind Ten Commandments, E.T., The Sound of Music, Star Wars, and Gone with the Wind on number 1 –yes, another “ihi-sa-pantalon” movie). Sadly, analysts say that it is unlikely that Titanic’s historically massive numbers will be beaten… but then again, the game is not over. The DARK KNIGHT is still showing across the globe. Time will tell.

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