Saturday, August 09, 2008

The New Wonder Woman & the Justice League Movie pushing through

There were some rumors a few months back that the productions for the Justice League movie were not going through, what with all the bad reactions from people in the internet, reasonably thinking that it's just a bad idea to make such a film without having its main characters establish themselves first with their own movies. Obviously, it's just not right to mix the magnificently grounded-on-reality Batman created by Nolan with the universe of Justice league, and the Superman that Bryan Singer made was just too gay to work with, most especially one expected to progress into a Justice League Superman.

But news broke out this week that the production for JUSTICE LEAGUE movie was pushing through after all. And its director George Miller (not to be confused with Frank Miller) revealed that Wonder Woman will be played by Megan Gale. She is an australian actress and supermodel. She appeared in the movies Vacanze di Natale and Stregata Dalla Luna. She also won a cameo part in the 2005 movie Stealth where she played a role as Dr. Orbit's secretary.

While this project (or any Wonder Woman movie) is still maybe more than 2 or 3 years from now, we can enjoy with the upcoming release of the straight to video animated feature of WONDER WOMAN. This project comes from the same people behind the successful straight-to-video animated feature "Batman: Gotham Knights" Wonder Woman will be voiced by Kerri Russel, and will also feature voices of Nathan Filion as Steve Trevor, Virginia Madsen as Wonder Woman's mother, Queen Hippolyta; Rosario Dawson as Diana's Amazon rival Artemis; and Alfred Molina as Ares, the film's villain.

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Skron said...

They actually found somebody hot to play Wonder Woman. I was actually worried that they won't be able to.