Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ghostbusters gone Animated?

There had been buzz for a continuation of the Ghostbuster franchise for as far back as when Ghostbusters 2 was released in 1984. It was actually Bill Murray who has been holding back the continuation because he refused to take part in another Ghostbuster movie, unless this movie will agree to his conditions: that he be killed in the movie and appear as a ghost. Of course, this will not be easy for the producers, for the writers, and for those who love this franchise because they don't simply want one of their favorite characters just become a ghost.

Recently, the buzz for a new Ghostbusters movie has been active again. And these images floating around the net fueled presumptions that the new Ghostbusters movie will be done pixar-style computer animation.

These designs were made by Italian graphic artist Fabrizio Fioretti who told that there were “no particular reasons” why he decided to create CGI versions of the Ghostbusters other than being “a big fan and I haven’t seen anybody doing it (in CG) so far…”

Do you honestly believe he just did this at the very least without any hopes that it be part of a full-blown animated project?

source: slashfilm

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