Sunday, May 08, 2011

Extra Scene at the end of the credits of THOR

Yes, THOR was indeed an awesome movie, and I'm sure that many of you are so pumped up with excitement for the next Marvel comics movie that will lead up to The Avengers movie.

As many of you know, Marvel movies have this knack of inserting an extra scene after the end credits. Examples of that are at the end of Incredible Hulk, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) appears and talks to General Ross (William Hurt) about "putting up a team" (obviously referring to the Avengers), and in Iron Man 2, a scene where we find SHIELD Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) heading to a site where Thor's hammer (The Mjolnir) landed (a similar scene within the Thor movie). At the recent Thor movie, it should already be expected by Marvel fans that there is an extra scene at the end of the credits.

Many of you may have left the movie theater without seeing that extra scene. Well, here it is...

...If we take the context of what is already in the Marvel comics universe, the Cube in the scene may be the Cosmic Cube, which is actually a containment device created by various civilizations throughout the Marvel Universe at various times, including the alien race the Skrulls, and various other, unnamed civilizations (whose Cubes were gathered/stolen by unknown means by The Magus in the Infinity War story arc and The Goddess in the Infinity Crusade story arc). This Cube has the power to change reality, a god-like power, obviously. And most probably play a huge role in the coming Avengers movie. If this cube is in the storyline, then it would mean the involvement of massive degree Marvel characters such as Thanos, who is an alien warlord. If that is so, then the coming Avengers movie will indeed be something beyond fantastic and mindblowingly epic. Let's just hope that our optimisms are at the right track.

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