Sunday, December 26, 2010


RPG: METANOIA is Excellently-crafted, Well-thought of, and Extremely Entertaining
by Reymundo Salao

Many critics often have this belief that there are no good video game movies (even though Resident Evil movies have been successful commercially, they are thought of as really badly made movies). RPG: METANOIA is not based on an existing video game, but I now think of it as the best video game movie I have ever seen. It is one video game movie that really does mirror, interpret, and captures the essence of MMORPG gaming; from the designs of how the virtual universe of the game looks like, to the character designs, up to how the players are able to play their game (spell casting, creature summoning). In a manner of speaking, this is an adaptation of MMORPG gaming in general.


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Skron said...

Daw mayo ni pre haw. Ngita ko bala sa net.