Thursday, July 29, 2010

There Really is Going to be a TITANIC 2 (funny but true)

Several years ago (during the early days of Youtube), me and my friends found this funny edited video of what looks like a sequel of Titanic; entitled TITANIC TWO: THE SURFACE (made by a certain Derek Johnson). It was one of those mashed-up edited videos (with scenes from movies like Con-Air, Demolition Man, the Abyss, the Hulk, Forever Young, and more) and that were tied together to make it look like it's all the same movie. That spoof/parody/trailer-mash-up is hilarious, and I've heard that it even fooled some dimwits into believing that there really is a Titanic 2

Check out that mash-up parody trailer here:

Well, now it seems that there really is going to be a TITANIC 2. Asylum, the direct-to-dvd production company responsible for producing cheap knock-offs of the latest big budget Hollywood movies, is going to release TITANIC 2. Asylum is responsible for movies such as AVH: Alien vs Hunter, Transmorphers, Transmorphers 2: Fall of Man, Street Racer, I Am Omega, Da Vinci Treasure, Snakes on a Train, and The Pirates of Treasure Island. Check out the trailer of TITANIC 2! (I love the fact that we're in the middle of the San Diego Comic Con season, there are so many movie news to report, yet we're right now featuring the shittiest but the FUNNIEST bit of movie news out there)


Anonymous said...

Oh cmon! hahahaha really funny this one.

Anonymous said...

Dunno if this is real but it would be cool