Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Godzilla to Return on 2012?

Okay... I know there are many people who hated the Hollywood version of Godzilla made by Roland Emmerich, specifically because that one did NOT look like the original Godzilla. Well it looks like Hollywood is taking a crack at it again, this time, making him look like the original Godzilla.

At this year's San Diego Comic Convention, Legendary Pictures unveiled a first look (here is that concept art) at the new Godzilla using Augmented Reality at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Well we all know concept art really does always look good. Even the sh1tt1est movie can look great if all you ever looked at was its concept art. But then again, we will still hope that this will be a great movie.

As of the moment, no director or cast has been announced yet. Warner Bros. Pictures is targeting for a 2012 release.2012? (Wow, talk about a tie in topic with Roland Emmerich, Godzilla, and the end of the world!)

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