Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sam Raimi Excited to create the World of Warcraft

"I really wanna do (direct) World of Warcraft"
quotes Sam Raimi

At the recent Saturn Awards, director (of the Evil Dead trilogy, and the Spider-man movies) Sam Raimi talked to the media about his involvement with making a WORLD OF WARCRAFT movie. And he reveals that he is actually, in fact very much excited about making one. And is in the early stages of developing a treatment for its adaptation.

Close to a month ago, there were reports that say Raimi was also involved in developing "Oz, The Great and Powerful" which is said to be a prequel of the classic "Wizard of Oz". This has actually shook the paranoia of fans, fearing Raimi might be handling this instead of W.o.W.

But this recent interview does confirm that Raimi has no current commitment with that Oz project. He has also denied rumors that he is connected with the development of The Hobbit. And as for now, he is focusing his sights on W.o.W. with much love.

Raimi even reveals that he does play the game and reveals what kind of character he plays and what level he has reached.

Sam Raimi is one of those rare directors that are pure geeks. The kind of geek that takes the world of fantasy with a cinematographically serious approach. His massive popularity came from his being the director of the successful Spider-man movies. But before he did that he went through the lowest and most simplest of B-movie director statuses. His first full length feature EVIL DEAD went to become a cult classic, along with its 2 sequels EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN and EVIL DEAD 3: ARMY OF DARKNESS. In an interview with Peter Jackson for Lord of the Rings, he cited inspiration coming from the battle scenes of ARMY of DARKNESS In making his seige war scenes for Rings. If Raimi can make an epic (Army of Darkness) out of a B-movie budget, imagine how much more he can make now that he is in a high profile status filmmaker.

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