Tuesday, April 27, 2010

After Five Weeks, the successful HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON flies back to NUMBER ONE on the U.S. Box Office!

With regards to movies, one of my already biggest mistakes for this year was that I missed watching HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON on 3-D theaters. Not only was it shown in Iloilo City almost a week in advance of international release, but it is looking to be one of the best reviewed movies of this year so far. This movie has scored a whopping 98% on the rotten tomatoes website (which is a site that gathers a movie critic consensus that determines what is the majority, in terms of respected critics around the globe, rating for a certain movie). It has been said that the movie really utilized the 3-D part of the movie, reviewers often site the experience which literally feels like a roller coaster because of sequences where the characters are flying and that this experience is really shared with its audience; you feel like you're also flying too. [Actually, I sure do hope SM City would show HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON on 3-D again, but I think that's a difficult request I guess]

Another proof of how good HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON is, is that this movie which was released March 26 has gone back up to the number ONE spot in the U.S. Box Office. An unbelievable feat for a movie that has already had its five week run. Here is the report from the Rotten Tomatoes Website:

This weekend, with Hollywood dumping its weakest films into theaters, moviegoers understandably stayed away from the multiplexes as the North American box office slumped to its lowest level of the year. New releases The Back-up Plan and The Losers  generated unimpressive results allowing the five-week old 3D cartoon How to Train Your Dragon to reclaim the number one spot thanks to its continued durability. For the first time all year the top ten films failed to gross at least $90M.

After coming within a hair of nabbing the box office crown last weekend, How To Train Your Dragon won a decisive victory this time grossing an estimated $15M in its fifth weekend for another slim decline of only 24%. The DreamWorks blockbuster has now amassed a fantastic $178M and should bust through the $200M mark the same weekend as when Paramount stablemate Iron Man 2 arrives to kick off the summer movie season. The Viking toon is still on course to finish its run in the neighborhood of $225M which would be more than five times its opening weekend take thanks to amazing legs.

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