Thursday, March 04, 2010

Unitel's upcoming The Red Shoes

Unitel Pictures to release a love story of a missing pair of shoes from Imelda Marcos's collection, entitled THE RED SHOES. It is written by James Ladioray and directed by Raul Jorolan. here is its synopsis:

In 1986, the ten-year old Lucas Munozca was able enter MalacaƱang Palace in the evening of the People Power Revolution. When he catches sight of the First Lady's 3000 pairs of shoes, he steals a lovely red pair. He gives one shoe to his childhood sweetheart Bettina, while he gives the other to his mother.

In 2006, Lucas (Marvin Agustin) is now working as a professional wedding videographer. He is stuck with one kind of footwear: white sneakers. He too, is stuck with his past, unable to move on from losing the love of his life Bettina (Nikki Gil). Just like Lucas, his mother Chat (Liza Lorena) is also stuck in the past. After all these years, she still grieves the loss of her husband, Lucas' father, Domingo (Tirso Cruz III). Domingo perished along with an untold number of workers during the collapse of an upper floor of the Manila Film Center in 1981, a pet project of the then First Lady Imelda Marcos.

When his mother suddenly needs the complete pair, Lucas is forced to confront the consequences of stealing the shoes and to reveal why he did it: for poetic justice and for love.

The Red Shoes stars Marvin Agustin, Nikki Gil, Liza Lorena, Tessie Tomas, Iwa Moto, Tetchie Agbayani, Monica Llamas and Tirso Cruz III. It will be screened in cinemas starting March 10. Its premiere night at the SM Megamall this Saturday, March 6, will be for the benefit of the Philippine Red Cross. There will be a preview night at February 26, 2010 at 7PM at the Podium Cinema 2.

The thing about movies produced by Unitel is that they usually are sure to get nationwide distribution, unlike other indie or "pseudo-indie" movies that never reach Iloilo's silver screens. It is probably very much likely that we will indeed get to watch "The Red Shoes" on its release date.

SOURCE: Philippine Entertainment Portal

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The Globe-trotter said...

I loved this movie. I could see it on the plane. But it seems like there is no way to find it online.
Did you get to see it in a cinema?