Thursday, January 28, 2010

Warner Brothers Summon A New Mortal Kombat

Warner Brothers Pictures is bringing the almost twenty-year-old franchise back for another battle, hiring Oren Uziel to pen the screenplay. Though there's no word on a start date, director or cast, Uziel's last script, Shimmer Lake, made the 2009 Black List (the list of the best un-produced screenplays in Hollywood), so anticipation is high for what the new Mortal Kombat film will entail. [source: Bloody Disgusting]

MORTAL KOMBAT (& its 2 other game sequels that came much later on) is simply about a death tournament of the most skillful, most dangerous fighters around the world, including mystical and immortal characters.

Mortal Kombat was my favorite arcade game to come out of the mid 90's & SNES era. It's appeal lied not only on its realistic content (as it applied photographic images of actual character models), but also on its adult gore elements. The game was one of the earliest video games made for adults. Unfortunately, the movie adaptation was horribly simmered down to appeal to a wider audience; it did not help that the adaptation was very cheesy and silly.

I just hope that this new adaptation would be more faithful to the game; that's to say that it should be violent and gritty, as it originally is. The studio should take note that whatever infant which became a Mortal Kombat fan during the 90's should be all grown-up now, so it really should not hold them back from making a very adult-oriented action movie. But then again, there are those executives that would probably want it to appeal to a new generation of kids. With that thinking, they should keep in mind that what made Mortal Kombat successful was because it was realistic and dark. And that the two movies really did not push high enough to be a good enough of a film franchise because it was cartoony.

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