Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jason Momoa is the New Conan

We've been very excited for the return of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian (the first movie was the timeless epic directed by John Milius and gave birth to the stardom of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but unfortunately had an awful sequel entitled Conan the Destroyer). Millennium Films, Lionsgate, and rights holder Paradox Entertainment have revealed that Jason Momoa will be Conan, in the rebirth of the Robert E. Howard-created series. The brawny star of Stargate Atlantis who also stars in HBO's Game of Thrones, Momoa got the nod over Kellan Lutz, the Twilight guy, thank God for that at least!

March 15 production start in Bulgaria, and it closes a long ordeal in bringing the saga back to the screen. Paradox originally set up the film with Warner Bros in 2002, and then moved it over to Millenium in 2007.

I have not seen any of his screen appearances, but basing on these internet photos, well he looks too puny for what I percieve as what Conan should look like. He's muscular, but sh!t man, he looks "pretty boy" muscular. (this pic I found of him is as closest to a decent Conan that I could find. His other pix online are just too horrendously matinee idol-ish )Personally, I want Conan to NOT look like a f%cking pretty-boy, and actually, he should look kinda butt-ugly and a bit scary. But I dont think studio executives share that idea. They probably want to tap a large female demographic, rather than concentrate on the more primal and savage aspects of what Conan should be. Well let's just hope that I am wrong.

In other Conan news, Latino Review says that an offer has gone out to Mickey Rourke to play Conan's father Corin, though this is unconfirmed at this point.

source: Latino Review


Eugene Stan Engelbert said...

watched him in SG-A, hes not muscular alright, hes tall and slender which makes me wonder why he was picked, it would make a puny conan IMO. He has other attributes though, he doesnt speak much and just grunts sometimes in the series and if he tries to be cute in just came out awful, at least that would work in a conan persona.

Anonymous said...

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