Friday, January 15, 2010

Chito Roño is Directing a Full-length Filipino Musical film

Director Chito Roño is currently in Morocco, shooting "one of his most ambitious films" -which is a full-length musical film entitled EMIR.

According to the director, an Emir is a royal title in the Middle East. He explains that this indie movie is Broadway-type musical which will only have few spoken lines and majority of it will be in musical numbers. He explains that it has like 21 or 22 songs on it.

The director confesses that he does not know how to make a musical, that is why this is an ambitious project for him, but he really loves musicals and he wants to show the Filipinos that we can have a different genre to be proud of. He says "Ang gagaling ng mga composers natin, ang gagaling ng mga singers natin (We have talented composers and singers, we just need to put them in a dramatic vehicle). Ilagay natin sa isang dramatic vehicle. Ito talaga, it's an entire dramatic retelling of story or telling of the story by using music and dance." Emir will have all-original Filipino songs created by composers like Gary Granada, Diwa de Leon, Ebe (of the band Sugarfree) and Vin Dancel (of the band Peryodiko).

Chito pitched the film to the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), which later went on to produce it along with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP). The project went through around 2 months of auditions. One of those who auditioned was Franceska Farr who Roño says is perfect for her major role. The film crew will be back from Morocco by January 25. And the film's release is expected by May or June 2010.


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