Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Will Sam Worthington be the next Flash Gordon?

After Terminator: Salvation, Avatar, and him being the star of the upcoming remake of Clash of the Titans, looks like Sam Worthington is quickly rising to be the hero favorite, and has been named as one of the hot breakout stars of the year. Now, Worthington may be starring in a Flash Gordon remake.

Sources say Sam is up against Ryan Reynolds for the leading role in the sci-fi flick. The role calls for Flash as a handsome polo player and Yale graduate, who travels to the planet Mongo, where it’s discovered that the meteors are weapons devised by Ming the Merciless, evil ruler of Mongo.

FLASH GORDON is the hero of a science fiction adventure comic strip originally drawn by Alex Raymond, which was first published on January 7, 1934. The comic strip has been translated into a wide variety of media, including motion pictures, television and animated series. The most widely popular media version was the campy 1980 movie FLASH GORDON which starred Sam Jones, Melody Anderson, Chaim Topol, Brian Blessed, Timothy Dalton, and Max Von Sydow, as Ming. The film is notable for its soundtrack composed by rock band Queen. The latest adaptation is the Flash Gordon TV series, which in my opinion, is the weakest adaptation.

This is the musical intro for the 1980 movie Flash Gordon, which features Queen on the music and some animated comic strip excerpts.

source: hollyscoop

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