Monday, December 07, 2009

AVATAR be postponed due to MMFF? How about Sherlock Holmes?

Will AVATAR's release date be MOVED by the MMFF? How about Sherlock Holmes and Zombieland?

With the theatrical opening of the Metro Manila Film Festival movies on the horizon, will it be one factor which will move the release of the movie AVATAR to January? (same with how previous movies internationally released in December such as the Lord of the Rings movies?)

Good news to those looking forward to the upcoming James Cameron movie AVATAR. The Philippine theatrical release of AVATAR is on course and on target to its international release date, which sets it on December 17, 2009. At least up until the 24th. You'll get to enjoy this movie just before the Metro Manila Film Festival movies have its opening on December 25, Christmas day. SM Cinema Iloilo has confirmed the AVATAR release date but added that this is still officially tentative as far as SM Cinema Iloilo is concerned.

On the other hand, those looking forward to Sherlock Holmes and Zombieland will have to wait for a January 2010 release date.

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