Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Echo release cancelled

Sad news for local cinema; the screening of the movie THE ECHO seems to have been canceled and moved yet again. Apparently, according to the official facebook account of the movie The Echo, as stated in one shoutout status: "QED the international distributor is showing how inefficient they are. The material needed for the prints needed for the Manila screening did not arrive. We wonder - if we take out QED in the equation - things would have been different." QED is a production company which has been responsible for films like District 9, A Perfect Getaway, and W, they are the distributors of The ECHO. And it seems that the delay for the film was due to the non-arrival of film prints. In addition, according to the facebook account, the film has officially been canceled in Davao citing "lack of print". Sources around the net also revealed that there was only one print that was available, and it was the print used in the premieres.

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