Saturday, August 22, 2009

Singer is remaking EXCALIBUR... Singer the Remake-meister???

Singer is remaking EXCALIBUR (too)???

Warner Bros. and Bryan Singer are unsheathing "Excalibur," redoing the 1981 John Boorman movie about King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable.

The project is still in the early stages, with Warners only tying up the remake rights, which it shares with Boorman. Singer's involvement is still in the talking stage and Legendary Pictures may come aboard the project.
[read the full article from the Hollywood Reporter]

Bryan Singer, the Remake-Meister?

So Bryan Singer is remaking EXCALIBUR
But waitaminute... isnt Singer doing a Battlestar Galactica Remake as well? In the midst of the success of the NEW Battlestar Galactica series which has relaunched and has spawned a new horde of followers, Singer wants to do the same stunt as he did in the Superman genre? ...satisfying his devotion for nostalgia, taking a potential fictional material, and instead of making something new with such material, he makes an homage of the old stuff he used to love...?

Sure, there are some materials out there that were remade excellently. Dawn of the Dead was one. And we've also seen homages done well too. Kill Bill was a movie that took more than one genre from the good old days and re-used them to be appreciated by a younger generation. It's really not easy to claim that all remakes and homages are bad. But Bryan Singer's Superman Returns should have been evidence enough to keep Singer away from remake projects.

"Oh this guy is a Bryan Singer hater!" No. In fact, I am a big fan of Singer when he made Apt Pupil, & The Usual Suspects just blew my brains off in devotion for this guy. But just like Tim Burton & his shitty Planet of the Apes, not all film idols are flawless.

Remaking John Boorman's "Excalibur" ...really? It's not as if John Boorman owns the rights to King Arthur's story? Come on, we all know that there will be changes made anyway. So why call it an "Excalibur" remake. Why not call this project an "Untitled King Arthur story"? While I'm crossing my fingers, I am assuming that it actually is not exactly an Excalibur remake, and more of just a fantasy-based King Arthur story. Producers have indeed expressed that this will be different from the Clive Owen-starred King Arthur movie. And in my opinion, they're probably using the "Excalibur remake press release" in order to cash in on the popularity of "Excalibur" and to explain their creative approach on this particular Arthurian movie in the simplest manner-- "Exacalibur Remake"

Galactica & Excalibur, damn that Singer... If you thought those Singer Remake stories were amusing, hey, there's another remake movie he's attached to as candidate for director---The Remake of "Jack the Giant Killer"

Let Routh play Jack!

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