Monday, July 06, 2009

MMFF 09 Movies Announced (Another Round of Awful Movies)

They may deny all they want, but whether you like it or not, there is a great number of us who agree that the Metro Manila Film Festival is either 2 things: 1. A Laughing Stock when it comes to the craft of Cinema; or 2. A Sad Indication that the Mainstream Cinema of this country is still down on the filthiest of toilets.

Controversy, Cheating, Crass Capitalism and just an Awful Line-up of Awful Movies.
Those are things associated with the Metro Manila Film Festival.
This Festival of Movies that make Filipino Cinema awful is still in December, but they have already released a list of the entries:

MANO PO 6: MY MOTHER (Regal Films) with Sharon Cuneta, direction by Joel Lamangan - Why am I not surprised? The 6th movie of a franchise that has utterly no connection with the previous movies aside from the point of just cashing in on the title. This is a franchise that clearly highlights the IGNORANCE & SHEER LACK OF CREATIVITY of Regal Films.

SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL XI (Regal Films) headed by Ruffa Gutierrez - Otro pa gd ini! This series franchise gradually died after around its part 6, and from that time, it has began to have a reputation of just COPYing other horror movies. Sheer LACK OF ORIGINALITY has been the best description of the Shake Rattle & Roll movies. I can only be sorry it had to be associated by its first 4 or 5 movies.

PANDAY (Imus Productions-GMA Films) with Bong Revilla, direction by Mac Alejandre - Again, our fat Senator THINKS HE LOOKS LIKE BRAD PITT or JASON STATHAM that he NEVER CEASES TO PUSH HIMSELF as an action hero. A Track record of unbearable Corniness of previous Bong Revilla movies made for MMFF is indication enough that this PANDAY movie will be sure as hell STUPID. It's FAT PANDAY who thinks hes a hunk!

As for these other movies, I have low expectations for them, but I honestly cannot really make baseless comments on these movies for now.

NIEVES (Regal Films) with Marian Rivera, direction by Mike Tuviera

JUAN with Dolphy and Willie Revillame, script and direction by Eric Quizon

IKAW NA NGA? (Star Cinema) with Kris Aquino and Eugene Domingo, direction by Wenn Deramas

ANG DARLING KONG ASWANG (M-Zet Productions) with Vic Sotto, direction by Tony Y. Reyes

WAPACMAN (Solar Films) with Manny Paquiao, direction by Topel Lee

Will these other movies prove me wrong on my opinion towards MMFF? It's possible, but NOT LIKELY. The people behind these movies are the same people who made similarly awful movies last year, so my hopes are not really up.

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Eugene Stan Engelbert said...

Oh my GAD! is that panday on a blue/yellow spandex? heaven spare me! ill be on vacation this september and aside from my family, movies makes me lookforward in going home, apparently i never learn, December is movie hell month for me. WTF is Mano Po still doing around the movie scene, the first time it was shown i had no children yet now i have 2 and its still alive?! geez!!

Not to mention shake rattle and roll, for crying out loud my I was still a virgin the first time they run this title good grief!!