Saturday, June 20, 2009

Will Chris Nolan Return for Batman 3?

There had been recent reports (check out the complete report here on stating that "Batman Begins" & "Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan might not come back to direct Batman 3. It seems to be just Batman Geek Paranoia at work. But there have been indications to support the possibility of the same, such as the fact that Nolan has not yet signed for the third movie.

IGN chatted with David Goyer recently about his new TV series FlashForward, which they barely had a chance to ask him about what's happening with Batman 3. It's not much, here's what he said:

"Well, I believe he said if we can find the story that he's happy with, that he would return. And unfortunately, respecting Chris… You know, talk to him after he finishes Inception, which he's shooting right now. That just started shooting. "

There you have it. Batman fanatics out there, there's no reason to cry out already. No reason to panic...

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