Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Ang Panday with Bong Revilla in the works

Oh my Lord! Why can't Bong Revilla just stop trying to be Ang Panday?!!!

Jocelyn Dimaculangan of Philippine Entertainment Portal reports that Senator Bong Revilla (during the wake of Douglas Quijano last June 17) revealed that they are working on a new Ang Panday movie and added that the film was already 60 percent finished. As early as January 2009, teasers about the upcoming film Panday were already being screened in cinema houses.

The cast includes Iza Calzado and Rhian Ramos as the leading ladies. Philip Salvador will play Lizardo (which was originally played in the original Panday movies by the diabolically charming Max Alvarado), the cast will also include Geoff Eigenmann, among others. Revilla claims that this will be bigger than Exodusm Agimat, & Resiklo (he always claims his movies are bigger than the previous year's product).

Shooting locations are in Ilocos, Caliraya, Laguna, Tanay, Rizal, and Palawan. Revilla reveals that this movie will be sort of a prequel because this will focus on the beginnings of Flavio as a young boy, and also focuses on the origin of Lizardo.
Obviously, this will be (his) Imus Productions' entry to this year's Metro Manila Film Festival.

SOURCE: Philippine Entertainment Portal

Once again, Revilla will surely make another ridiculous run as Ang Panday. Why cant he just focus on his own created characters like Exodus and Resiklo. Every year, he insists on being an action hero. Is he delusional so as to see himself as some sort of Schwarzenegger? Does he not see how ridiculous he looks the way he puts on his costumes which appear to be designed to ineffectively make him look like a prettyboy? When what he looks like is an old fart short fat pig! Delusional, obviously.

Why can't he just sit back and produce it and get an appropriate actor for the part? I adored Ang Panday when I was a kid. Revilla comes back to make piss all over one of my childhood heroes & is surely going to make it dumb. Am I just jumping to a conclusion? Or is this a well-calculated prediction? Just look at Revilla's past films and tell me if that is not a well-calculated prediction!

They should have gotten Jericho Rosales back, and a better scriptwriting team, producer (coz the TV series was just gad-awful), and a better director... But hey, that's Mainstream Tagalog Cinema for you.

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Eugene Stan Engelbert said...

I agree, all his past films are crap, resiklo, exodus, even his past renditions of panday are crap. Its badly arranged and those "middle of the movies" dance and song performance doesnt help. I would take a bollywood song and dance number anytime over his.
He also have poorly designed costumes, its always thesame theme, post modern nonsense, designed to showcase his "un impressive and stout form".

I was kinda hoping he could top FPJs rendition of Panday, as obviously he has more budget and the repertoire of special effects is abundant. Sad to say, hes miles away from FPJ and the more he clutters the story with his sfx nonsense the more unbearable it is.