Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dragonball Evolution- Should I or Should I Not Watch It?

Since it's release, Dragonball: Evolution has recieved mixed critical reception. Zac Bertschy of Anime News Network, originally disgusted at otaku who decried the film via leaked set shots and trailers before the movie's release, gave the movie an overall failing grade and stated "the fans were right." He criticized the film's lack of explaining plot elements, its hackneyed storyline and lackluster effort by the actors. Variety's Russell Edwards found the film "passable", noting it "doesn't take itself too seriously, but avoids campiness." Luke Thompson of E! Online referred to the film as a "surreal mess" that would only make sense to fans of the original series. He questioned the use of a Caucasian in the main role and felt Chow Yun-Fat was "overacting like never before", but did consider it "fun in a train-wreck kind of way" and that while it was never "logical, coherent, rational" it was also boring.

Christoper Monfette of IGN gave the film a favorable review, stating that it "is perhaps the most successful live-action film to date to utilize costume, production and audio design Рnot to mention some inspired fight choreography Рto provide the flavor of anime without becoming overly cartoonish." He praised the main cast for "creating characters the audience can actually care about" and felt Chatwin was particularly likeable as Goku. Slant Magazine's Rob Humanick considered the film "uninspired" and implausible with an "aimlessly hyperactive construction and complete lack of substance" and "cobbled-together FX fakery". Reviewing the film for Australia's ABC Radio National, Jason Di Rosso stated the film was "lacking the visual panache of recent graphic novel adaptations". He agreed the film was uninspired and also felt it had dull "high school movie banter" dialog and was "clich̩-ridden".

Dustin Putman of quotes: "A few times each year, a movie comes along that makes the viewer just want to shake his or her head in disbelief at the ineptitude that has found its way to the screen. Dragonball: Evolution is amazing in its badness."

Listen to's Audio Review of Dragonball Evolution:


watch dragonball said...

Yeh, Well to be honest, Ive checked over 100+ reviews online, And about 98% of them say this movie isnt worth seeing, along with it being a flop and failure and total disater

Skron said...

It looks fun, honestly. But $8 is worth 2 comic books. So I'll pass.