Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Metro Manila Film Festival 2008 ....AWFUL as always

LET us NOW take a peek at the Film Festival that is obviously bent to DESTROY the reputation of Philippine Cinema: The Metro Manila Film Festival. Majority of these movies are the movies that do celebrate the idiotic, the ugly, and the lousier side of Tagalog movies. Majority of these movies are the kind of movies, that when you watch it, then you are CONTRIBUTING to the DESTRUCTION of the reputation of Philippine Cinema.

ISKUL BUKOL - this is not really Iskul Bukol. It's a messy lousy salad of spoof from many genres of fantasy, adventure, comedy & sci-fi just to entice audiences of all ages to watch it. IT IS JUST USING THE TITLE ISKUL BUKOL to create the excuse of a comeback, desperately trying to win old fans of the old series as well. watch this and youre either a dumbass or have been fooled.

ANG TANGING INA NINYONG LAHAT - the first movie may have been popular but this is also a messy rotten piece of shit that seeks to recycle the same lousy immature humor over and over again. Why watch a movie which is intentionally made to sound just like a defamatory phrase? Movies like this do just that: Ginagago nyo lang ang audiences.

SHAKE, RATTLE, & ROLL X - Same piece of effortless garbage. After around the 3rd or 4th movie in this franchise, it has produced the lousiest of sequels which led it to die out around the late 90s. The franchise was revived some few years ago but showed no promise of improvement. Sure, the effects got better. But with lousy producers intentionally making lousy movies, biskan anu pa na realistic CGI ang ibutang mo, ang baho sang ta-e, ta-e gd ya!

MAGKAIBIGAN - I will not comment on this one because this is a drama directed by a director who's occasionally bad but occasionally good as well. And I have not yet watched this. But there are notable local critics that give it a high rating.

DESPERADAS 2 - The sequel of the FUCKING RIP-OFF of a dumbass TV SHow Desperate Housewives. From the very concepcion of the first Desperadas movie, the producer made it public already that this was a RIP-OFF a KINOPYAHAN off Desperate Housewives. The first movie was DOWNRIGHT AWFUL already. The sequel is WORSE. INCREDIBLY O.A. And the jokes off Ogie Alcasid's character is very very racist. GAGO or GAGA ka lang gd ya if u enjoyed this movie. PAK YU!

DAYO - is the only shining star among the entries, that from the very start I have been trusting to be good. But then again, just like Urduja, do NOT expect DAYO to be up to "Pixar standards" DAYO is not something I would say the greatest Pinoy movie this year, but I would say it certainly is worth watching & these guys should progress all for the better. SUPPORT THIS MOVIE!

ONE NIGHT ONLY - I would not comment. I have not watched this movie. But it seems like the same crap of softcore porn disguising itself as a girl power movie.

BALER - DISAPPOINTING! This was directed by one of my trusted Pinoy directors, Mark Meily (Crying Ladies, La Visa LOca). But BECAUSE this was made under VIVA FILM, you would NATURALLY expect things to GO WRONG! First off is the dumbass casting. Who's the MORON who would cast Anne Curtis as a Pinay in the Spanish Era of the Philippines, in love with a Half-spanish Jericho Rosales?!!! HUNGHANG! This was obviously only made so that gossip about the couple would blend well with the marketing of the movie. IN ADDITION the movie was messy, poorly edited, badly produced, and stylized awfully. This is the problem with the big mainstream production companies. These are the people who make movies BAD. Viva, Regal, Seiko, M-Zet, Star, GMA. You morons should educate yourselves with proper values of cinema! Biskan si Ridley Scott ka pa, if you work under companies like Viva, the result still is TA-E movie mo!


Skron said...

Anne Curtis as a Pinay and Jericho Rosales as a Half-Spaniard. That's awesome man.

Anyways, I wanted to see Dayo, and any other animation made by pinoys. I haven't seen any of them yet.

Another anyways, I wrote a short review of Milk and Slumdog Millionaire.Thought you might be interested.


P.S. gin kasal na kuno gle pre si Clyde?

Reymundo said...

ay cge, il post ur review... wla ko nakasurf-surf gd mayu lately coz holidays e, bz gd.

yes. gn kasal c clyde pero i think it seems na daw wla man nila gn palapta gd ang news coz damu gani nakibot wen i told them. kagapun ang kasal :)

happy new year pre!
a merry christmas too!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the endorsement of dayo! too bad very few others saw it. oh well. we're just taking heart that the few who did watch it enjoyed it. i'm eric, one of the scriptwriters.

Reymundo said...

hey eric... thanks for dropping by... feel free to leave ur email, id rili love to share my thoughts & maybe suggestions :) thanks again & come visit the site often ;)