Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yudipuga! Ratner (man)handles CONAN!

EXTREMELY UNPLEASANT NEWS for CONAN the BARBARIAN fans. Although it is not even officially announced yet, or perhaps it still is officially just a rumor, I am cringing in doom knowing that BRETT RATNER, the director responsible for the really lousy RUSH HOUR movies, the forgettable RED DRAGON, and the trilogy-ruining pathetic X-MEN 3, is, as it seems for now at least, set to be the director of the next movie based on CONAN, the Robert E. Howard fictional character, which was also made into a movie CONAN THE BARBARIAN in 1982 by John Milius and was the breakthrough movie of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Personal Opinion, Ratner's style is very commercial and sloppy, and I think if he ever was going to make a Conan movie, what he would do would be more of like the CONAN THE DESTROYER movie which was just awful and eventually closed down the CONAN franchise to an end. To those who are confused about the two movies, CONAN THE DESTROYER was the bad one which had Grace Jones and deleted the Asian friends of Conan from the first movie. While CONAN THE BARBARIAN is the one with James Earl Jones leading a snake cult. If you have not watched CONAN THE BARBARIAN, then your village may need to be raided and pillaged. Also look for its very divine soundtrack by Basil Poledouris.

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