Thursday, September 18, 2008

Un-Funny "Disaster Movie" scores a double ZERO

As expected, Disaster Movie (from the morons who directed "Meet the Spartans" & "Date Movie")scores a pure double zero at the crtics consensus at the Rotten Tomatoes Website. This should serve as a warning to audiences to think twice before watching this idiotic movie. Here is one review that talks about it.

Disaster Movie: Does what it says on the tin
By Christopher Tookey

The spectacularly untalented writer-directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, creators of the groanworthy Date Movie, Epic Movie and Meet The Spartans, have come up with another no-effort collection of failed gags.

The model for the plot is mainly Cloverfield without the monster, but this is not so much a parody as a succession of witless references to many other films, from 10,000 BC to Juno, which Friedberg and Seltzer either haven't seen or haven't understood.
Disaster movie

It's the kind of flick in which a man comes on dressed as the bad guy from No Country For Old Men and we're meant to point at him, say to each other 'Hey - that's the bad guy from No Country For Old Men!' and laugh our stupid heads off.

It's not even value for money if you're a moron. Even the unfunny out-takes at the end stretch it to a barely feature-length 75 minutes.

The only good news is that this puerile farrago has failed to be a hit even among stoned and drunken American rednecks, so perhaps Disaster Movie marks an end to this uniquely dreadful series.

Verdict: Aptly titled

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