Monday, August 11, 2008

Political Lessons from The DARK KNIGHT [article from Philippine Daily Inquirer]

The (very) many who have already watched (more than once for others) this year's biggest movie "The Dark Knight" know for a fact that this movie is more than meets the eye. Here is an article from the Philippine Daily INQUIRER that talks about the Political Lessons of "The Dark Knight".

The article was contributed by NiƱa Terol who is Team RP’s vice chairperson for internal affairs. She sometimes imagines herself to be Rachel Dawes—without the tragic ending. She wrote this article originally for the Young Public Servants website. here is an excerpt as Terol writes: "Harvey Dent...Gotham’s fearless, charismatic new district attorney is the ultimate tragedy of human potential... This is what happens when we depend on one person to be our Messiah. People are people — even in this age of celebrities, icons, and “modern-day heroes” — and they will slip, or slide, or sink (sometimes very, very low). When we pin all our hopes on just one person — or one entity or one ideal — the results can be tragic. The solution is to empower everyone to be the source of the solution, which, ironically is what The Joker attempted to do in the hospital and ferry scenes — regardless of his twisted definition of the “solution”.

A certain Kenn then comments below "i’m actually currently trying to persuade my teachers in highschool and prof’s in college to use the Dark Knight as some sort of a topic for Lit papers and the sorts for their students. Finally people know how deep Batman really goes instead of the guy who was known for his bat nipples"

The brief article is a great read, maybe some of you may not have noticed it, but the film actually has had many subplots and lessons to ponder on. That's why at its 4th weekend, it still reigns number one at the box-office.

CLICK HERE to read the full article from the Philippine Daily INQUIRER

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