Friday, August 29, 2008

DAYO - Pinoy Animation [news]

After Urduja, there would be another Pinoy full-length animated movie; DAYO is an animated movie which is one of the entries to the 34th Metro Manila Film Festival. Created by Cutting Edge Productions, written by Artemio Abad Jr. and Eric Cabatug, and directed by Robert Quilao, and features the voices of Michael V, Pokwang, Noel Trinidad, Johnny Delgado, Peque Gallaga, Nova Villa, Laurice Guillen, and the main characters are voiced by Nash Aguas and Katrina Michelle Legaspi. You can find the trailer for this movie on youtube and on their website [] Anybody who has ever been familiar with my column and my site knows that I usually hate the Metro Manila Film Festival because of the many awful Pinoy movies made by the same old directors and producers. BUT--- DAYO endeavors to be different, promises to break the stereotype and promises to be a movie to be proud of. The movie prides itself with being the first all-digital, full-length animated feature film. But actually, being one of the many people who have already been desensitized by the many CGI animated movies, it is not the visuals that impressed me about this movie. What impressed me is its plot. You see, the story seems to center upon the friendship of a boy and a manananggal girl. The concept alone of having a manananggal take on the shoes of the standard "Disney-type leading-lady princess" tells you that this movie wants to break the rules and give us something refreshing to see. For a Pinoy cartoon, this is a far leap from what Urduja was. Although I can sense from the trailer that there is a "Disney storyline template" around there somewhere, I can also sense that this movie injects as much Pinoy elements in this movie as it can. Anyway, injecting the Disney templates seems fair considering that Pinoy animation is still at its infancy stage and still has to gather a following. With what I can see from its trailers and its production notes, DAYO is obviously a movie worth watching when it comes out. In addition, DAYO is a giant compared to other MMFF entries (unnecessary sequels of already lousy movies, like Desperadas 2 and maligned-over-time-franchise sequel Shake Rattle & Roll X).

here is the trailer

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