Thursday, March 06, 2008

Why I Was Gone...

Greetings! I am very sorry about this site’s being quite inactive lately. I know that it seems like it has been relaunched some months ago, yet here we are again in this state of inactivity. Truth is, that I have just lately been very disappointed, upset, and fed up by the fact that I have not lately received any compensation from the local newspaper I am writing for, for the articles I have previously submitted. I have been very patient about the compensations due, and I have even stopped trying to be accurate in how much I should still collect, and just gladly receive what so little it seems to give me. I am very very loyal to my newspaper, and for many instances have I been tempted to transfer my column to other newspapers, but I did not let my loyalty linger. Yet, I feel as if I’m an unfed servant whose master doesn’t really care if I run away.

This is actually the grim reality of local journalism. Only a select few are given satisfaction. If you’re just some typical writer (especially if you have no political affiliation), do not expect to be rich out of being a journalist.

I am not saying goodbye to my newspaper. No. I will stay true to it, even though if in times like this, it ignores me. I just have to be thankful that I have a dayjob, and this is just a sideline. But nowadays, everybody needs a sideline. Regular salary is not as sufficient to live a life out of anymore. One of these days, my film column will get back to the pages of my newspaper. What keeps me doing this is the belief that I am a writer… because it is for my readers, no matter how few they may be.

- Reymundo Salao
Just Another Film Junkie

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