Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It's 2008 & we're back!!!


Thank God the MMFF is over. Don't get me wrong. I love Pinoy movies... but i don't like CRAPPY Pinoy movies. And there's no line-up of bad movies like the Metro Manila Film Festival... especially the recent one. If you want to patronize & support Pinoy Cinema, watch movies like Kubrador, Maximo Oliveros, & Blackout... their dvds have been released already, it's worth a purchase.

May I add that the only good movie in the MMFF is BANAL, which is directed by a TV News Reporter, Cesar Apolinario. Yes, this "newbie" filmmaker won over the other has-been (overused) directors because those old directors are never any good at their craft anyway (how many million times more can we endure Joel Lamangan direct badly made movies or see Bong Revilla as some overweight action hero). Cheers to Apolinario! May he get better in his craft!

Anyway... MY APOLOGIES because THIS SITE HAS BEEN inactive for the past weeks, mainly because of the MMFF which this site abhors & thinks of as a breeding ground for movies that destroy the reputation of Philippine Cinema.

SO now, without any further bullshit, we're back...

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