Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Indie filmmakers urge MTRCB: Change rules

inq7.net reports (written by Marinel Cruz) that Indie Filmmakers urged MTRCB to change their rules because they’re lopsided, if not outdated.

This is what several independent filmmakers—troubled by the handing out of “X” ratings to their short films and documentaries—are asking the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), referring to its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR).

Aside from the documentaries, there were also other issues. Jimenez is the producer of Khavn dela Cruz’s short film, “Three Days of Darkness,” which also got an “X” rating for “prolonged sexual activities, including pumping scenes, masturbation and lesbian lovemaking.”

Quoting a three-member committee that reviewed the film, Jimenez said he was disappointed with the MTRCB decision that said the short film “has no redeeming value and is therefore unacceptable for commercial screening.”

Jimenez initially applied for a 15-day screening permit and got an R-18 rating. The film later received an “X” when Jimenez reapplied, this time for a five-year permit.

Paolo Villaluna, co-director of the full-length feature “Selda” believes the “political rule” in the Board’s IRR should be revised. “How many anti-Bush films have been made in the US this year alone? And they have TV hosts like Jay Leno making fun of Bush, but the government’s okay with it,” he said.

A portion in “Selda,” co-directed by Ellen Ramos, had to be deleted to avoid getting an “X” rating, said Villaluna.

The directors also appealed for a representation of the independent film sector in the MTRCB’s board membership. “The Board should have separate guidelines when it is dealing with the independent community. We now have a hundred indie films all hoping to be screened in theaters,” said Villaluna. “I hope the MTRCB will open its system to this new industry. In fact, it should be thankful because a huge bulk of the Board’s resources these days actually comes from the indie sector.”

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