Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Atty. Joenar Pueblo’s “DAGYANG”
By Reymundo Salao

The dawn of the Iloilo film industry began more than five years ago when Sine Ilonggo was organized. It was then when young Ilonggo filmmakers launched their short films on SM City Cinema, and it was then when Ilonggo audiences were first introduced to Ilonggo films, these were “Dihon”, “Hulot”, Batchoyan sa Banwa”, and other Ilonggo short films came afterwards. Among the new filmmakers that rose up during this time was Joenar Pueblo whose short film “Hablon” won a Gawad CCP Award.

I have personally known Joenar Pueblo ever since my high school years, and indeed, he has been involved, not only in theater arts, but also in the fields of literature, journalism and poetry as well. In fact, he helped me out by giving me tips in writing poetry when we were together in the University of San Agustin’s School Publication (which published the paper The Augustinian and magazine The Augustinian Mirror) He is also a very good friend and every now and then when I get to bump into him, we would comfortably discuss about movies. It wasn’t much of a surprise that he would end up making a full-length movie, despite the fact that with him now being a lawyer, one could imagine that he wouldn’t have the time to make a movie. But nothing can stop passion. No matter what you are in life, if you have the passion, you will always find time to create Art.

Developments in digital video technology has helped Independent Film-making grow. Before, it was tedious and incredibly costly to produce a full-length film, now film-making can be done with practical means. Imagination and Passion can be brought to life as films without the gigantic technical hindrances. Because of this, we are beginning to see a sort of “Renaissance Age” in the art of film. Films like “Kubrador” and “Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros” are testament to that. And now, Atty. Joenar Pueblo is giving us his new movie, the first Ilonggo full-length feature film “DAGYANG”

His crew started filming DAGYANG in December last year. With the help of such talented people as Rhodora Solis, Jigo Mambo, Eric Divinagracia, and my good friend Wilfred Galila, DAGYANG was made. The cast includes Edward Divinagracia, RLeone Gerochi, Julienne Baronda, Geoffrey Obe, Erwin Chiongson, and Joanne Paulette Libo-on, among many other cast of characters.

DAGYANG melds various stories that somehow involve Ilonggo Heritage. From the Binukot to Manoghiwit, and even to the Batchoy. With that in mind, DAGYANG is sure to be a must see for Ilonggo film audiences. Don’t miss it. DAGYANG is now showing at Robinson’s Movieworld Iloilo. Its screening schedule is 12:15 PM, 2:15, 4:15, 6:15, 8:15 PM

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