Wednesday, March 15, 2006


By Reymundo Salao

In the olden days of horror movies, whenever we think of the most frightening horror movie, we conclude that it has to have some kind of deformed, inhuman monster. It has to have vampires, maybe zombies, demons, heck, even sharks or walking, talking dolls. But as we have become desensitized by the visuals of movie horror, we grow to realize that the most shocking horror movies are those based on real events; those based on real monsters that exist in our modern world. Criminals, Sadists, Sick people who take pleasure in the torture and killing of their fellow man.

HOSTEL tells the tale of three backpackers who’ve been spending a vacation of touring other countries, taking some time off, having fun. When they found out that there’s this region in Slovakia where there’s lots of irresistible girls who enjoy partying and sleeping with tourists, they immediately set their tracks on that place. It was said that “you can do ANYTHING in that place”. Little did the three backpackers realize that they were to become victims of what is the pleasure of other people. People who pay big money in order to have the sick pleasure of torturing and killing other people.

The film is produced by Quentin Tarantino, who is himself, a legendary filmmaker and is also responsible for producing and releasing cult-classics, like what he did some years ago by releasing Hong Kong’s “Iron Monkey” in the U.S. HOSTEL is written and directed by Eli Roth whose notoriety in horror movies has been marked by his other work “CABIN FEVER”, marks his notoriety anew with this very bloody and very gory movie. This is a movie that certainly delivers the mind-blowing effect of horror; haunting and shocking, so much so that you definitely feels sorry for the people that become victims of this twisted violent pleasure. What makes it all the more horrifying is the fact that based on REAL events, which means that yes, there are places like this in the Slovakian regions and perhaps other regions of the world which we may not know of. Just trying to reflect on that fact is horrifying enough. And to see what it is like, on this movie, is all the more traumatic. I must tell you that this is one movie that I really found myself fist-banging my seat and shouting at the gory moments of the film. My friends were doing the same with the amount and the degree of jaw-dropping gore.

This movie is DEFINITELY NOT for the faint of heart. A movie that can give you nightmares, or maybe make you vomit. It is the most unconventionally violent big movie I have ever seen. HOSTEL is ULTIMATELY TERRIFYING!

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