Thursday, February 16, 2006


A Must See for Horror fans!
By Reymundo Salao

"I want to play a game..." the first SAW movie shows us a scene wherein a naked guy wakes up trapped in complex cage in an underground room. He is told that a timer is set and after several minutes, the door to exit the room will automatically be lock shut PERMANENTLY and may lock him there forever. The only way he can get through the door is if he survives crawling and squeezing himself through a caged passageway which is filled with entangling barbed wires. Will he just do nothing and be locked forever? Or does he risk his life to go through the barbed wire cage? (You can check out the review of the first SAW movie here)

The first SAW movie blew our minds with its concept. The film itself introduces and shocks us with the serial killer known by the alias "Jigsaw" who traps his victims into a complex and deadly game wherein which the victims are being put in a booby-trapped situation wherein they could die or survive their predicament by doing torturous tasks upon themselves. It asks you the question - How much blood will you shed to stay alive?

In SAW 2, Jigsaw is back with more complex and twistingly nefarious games. Being overwhelmed by the concept was just enough for the first film; this sequel goes to the next level by adding more spice to its already diabolical concept by uraveling many unanswered questions, specifically that of who and why is Jigsaw committing all these very distubing "games".

Along with SAW director James Wan and writer/co-star Leigh Whannell serving as executive producers, the producers re-assembled the first film's creative team, with David Armstrong returning as cinematographer, Kevin Greutert back on board as editor, and former Nine Inch Nails member Charlie Clouser reenlisted as composer, delivers that same gritty atmosphere of the first movie. This sequel is directed by first-time director Darren Lynn Bousman, whose previous works included only commercials and music videos, but nevertheless managed to create a flawless masterpiece.

Like the first one, SAW is one movie that scares the living daylights out of me because Jigsaw is the kind of killer that can exist in real life. And, much worse, there is a sense of futility if one is under one of his games. Jigsaw, in his mind, believes that he doesn't kill people - he leaves all of the decisions up to them. He believes that people don't appreciate their lives, and they can only learn to appreciate their lives by being forced to fight for survival. This manner of twisted logic is elaborated in this movie.

But to elaborate much on the storyline of SAW 2 may give out a spoiler. And this is the kind of movie that you don’t want others to spoil for you. Believe me when I tell you that you better not make the mistake of getting in the movie theater just in time for the revelations at the last minutes of this movie. SAW 2 is best watched from start to finish (Don’t worry folks, you can check out the screening schedules at my website).

SAW may be very wicked but the extent of its gore never goes beyond the needlessness and sloppiness of B-movie gore movies. While its violence is very much present, it never goes beyond the vulgarity level of a decent (excuse the irony) violent horror movie. Oh yes, there is enough bloodshed, but SAW 2's horror is more psychological, and does not just rely on the visceral. SAW 2 is scary, shocking, diabolical, and above all, impressive. Hardcore fans of horror movies should NOT miss this one out.

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