Friday, February 24, 2006

BAD SERVICE (Junkie Article)

I was GREATLY DISAPPOINTED with this one theater where I watched this movie from. Last Wednesday, I was going to watch its 6:05 PM because the sked of the other theater was in gross conflict with my own sked as an office worker. I bought the ticket and as I got in at exactly 6 PM, hoping that I would watch the movie from the start, but I was surprised that it was ALREADY IN THE MIDDLE PART OF THE MOVIE (And to think that this was a three-hour serious film)! I went out to ask the ticket lady what was going on and she told me that there was a delay in the screening and this screening started at 5 PM and that the next screening was going to start 8 PM! I couldn’t do much by now since I cannot just wait for two hours just to watch the movie from the start! That really pissed me off. They should’ve made notice outside of the delay or of the change of schedule before I was able to buy my ticket! This seems like something that deserves a law suit, but I’m just going to rant about it on this paper. Too bad I cannot point out which theater it is exactly. But it’s the one that seems to take movie-goers for granted because this wasn’t the first time that they had their screening schedules screwed up. I also ranted before about how I’m unhappy with how this theater presents their trailers too. Well anyway, I hope they wake up! Wake up, SM City Cinema!

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